Thanksgiving preparations

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Oh how we love to eat those Thanksgiving leftovers, but what about the mess after everyone has left?

We all love to feast with loved ones and friends and gather together to enjoy a special meal every Thanksgiving. There is always that eagerness to cook dinner and enjoy the company of one another. However, the real challenge begins after the occasion, when you have to deal with all the mess after everyone has left. Just the thought of it can make you stressed out. Fear not, as here are some pointers that can help you in dealing with the aftermath and let you enjoy the rest of the day without getting too tired after cleaning.

Plan in advance

This will allow you not to spend too much time cleaning after the guests leave. Create your own cleaning checklist to remind you of the things that need to be done after the event. You can assign tasks to each family member to make your job more enjoyable, less tiring, allowing you to finish a lot faster because of the group effort. Cleaning tasks like washing dishes, cleaning the furniture, tables, and chairs, not to mention taking out the garbage can be done faster with everybody’s help.

Prepare a Place for Soaking

Improvise a soaking station where you can soak pans and pots after transferring food into a platter. Do not place your soaking pots into the sink but choose a small container as your soaking site. Fill it up with soapy water and hide it under your sink or in a hidden place, so you can take it out after your guests leave. With that, your sink can still look clean. Go back to your pots and pans after the party and wash the dishes in your dishwasher.

Clean out your fridge

Before Thanksgiving, be sure to empty your fridge with any unnecessary clutter, to make room for all the ingredients you may need for the event and have room left for any leftovers.
Assign an empty shelf where you can place the Thanksgiving food before you start dinner. And once dinner is finished, fill up the shelf again with leftovers.

Set up your trash cans

Make sure you have enough trash cans ready to be filled with all the clutter brought about by the festivity. This will make your cleaning faster and easier.

Remove stains

Do not let stains and spills set on your carpet or furniture. Remove wine stains while still wet and dab with hydrogen peroxide blended with a small drop of dish detergent using a clean cloth.

Professional cleaners

If you are too pre-occupied with a lot of things that doing all these pointers is not possible, the best solution is to seek help from professional cleaners. You can hire a reliable and reputable house cleaning service provider to clean up the Thanksgiving mess for you. Then you can just relax and enjoy your day with your family and friends without having to worry about the leftover mess.