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Building the Home of Your Dreams Part three: bathroom

The bathroom is probably the smallest room in the home, yet likely one of the most important. When planning your dream home, it is essential you take plenty of time to think through exactly what type of bathroom (s) you want and how it(they) should be arranged and furnished. However, before starting to plan the… Read More

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Build the Home of Your Dreams Part two: the kitchen

Going back probably as far as the caveman, the kitchen was and still is the most valued part of a home. Here is where food, the substance of life, is prepared, and in many instances, here is where people gather to share conversation and mental and emotional encouragement. It is for these reasons a kitchen… Read More

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Building the Home of Your Dreams Part one – before you even begin to build

You have decided to build the home of your dreams. There are few things in life that can bring as much pleasure and satisfaction as building a home. Most people have very definite ideas as to how they want their home to look both inside and out. And, given the opportunity to actually make this… Read More

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home – Part five the bathroom

Probably the least desirable cleaning job in the home, the bathroom is, next to the kitchen, the most important room to keep clean. As water is a big part of bathroom use, there is the ongoing threat of mold and mildew and when not properly ventilated moisture escaping to adjoining areas. Dirt and other germ… Read More

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home – Part four the bedroom

Sleep is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. And, in most homes, the bedroom is where sleep occurs. While it is true if one is tired enough they can sleep almost anywhere, and it won’t matter if the area is clean or messy, this type of sleep is not as beneficial as sleeping in… Read More

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home Part Three, the living room, family room, and dining room

In days gone by, most families had dining rooms where, if not in the kitchen, eating was done. The living room (years ago called a parlor) was used exclusively for time with family and friends. Eating was never done in a living room. Family rooms were not in most homes as children played outside a… Read More