professional house cleaning tips to clean Stove and Countertop

How to Clean the Gap Between Your Stove and Countertop and Keep it Clean

There are many little semi-hidden and hard to reach cracks and crevices in a kitchen that accumulates mess. The worst culprit of these secret mess prone areas is the gap between your stove and countertop. Being so closely linked with constantly moving, cooking, and changing foods makes these spots magnets for as much food debris… Read More

Ocala Cleaning Service - Living Room Tips

Small Tasks Everyday Will Make a Big Difference – Part 4 the Living Room

In part 4 of our series, we return to a common space shared amongst the entire family. The living room, where the whole family congregates and lives is a magnet for concentrated dust, mess, and clutter. Just as we pointed out in other parts of this series, routine is key, and the living room is… Read More

Cleaning a bathroom

Small Tasks Everyday Will Make a Big Difference – Part 1 the Bathroom

Here are some small jobs you can do every day, or so, to keep your bathroom sparkling clean all the time! Let’s face it, the bathroom is just one of those cleaning chores that everyone tends to procrastinate with from time to time. This inevitably leads to the slow accumulation and eventual all day affair… Read More

commercial cleaning ocala - Repel Mosquitos

10 Natural Mosquito Repellents: No Harm Giving Them a Try, Literally!

Guess which is the most dangerous animal in this world -lion, tiger, snake, golden poison frog, saltwater crocodile, African buffalo or Cone Snail? None of them, it is the ‘Mosquito’. The World Health Organization (WHO) has termed mosquitoes as the ‘most dangerous animals’ in the world, causing millions of death each year. Humans though, often… Read More