Commercial Cleaning Tips

The Wonder of Vinegar

Ever wonder what in the world they are putting into your common household cleaning products? No problem the most popular ones from our research tell us that it is simply, Phthalates, Perchloroethylene, Triclosan, Butoxyethanol, chlorine, sodium hydroxide. Don’t worry, None of those things should sound familiar to most normal people. Now cleaning products do work… Read More

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Cleaning tips for your shades and blinds

Sometimes it’s not always a chore to clean the house. Cleaning can be relaxing and cathartic at times. However, there are a couple of cleaning tasks that are universally dreaded. One of those little cleaning tasks that most people simply do not enjoy is cleaning the window coverings in the home. This will most likely… Read More

Carpet Cleaning Services

Everything About Mold and Carpets

There is one aspect of cleaning that garners a mix of fear and seriousness from almost everyone is familiar with it. The dreaded mold is always on the minds of any homeowner or professional cleaners. Mold can cause a host of serious negative problems for your family or workspace. Common ailments or increases in allergies… Read More

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Cleaning Habits Worth Learning

Cleaning is an inevitable part of the daily routine for most folks. Even with hired help, there are still little messes and cleaning tasks that need to be done more immediately and more often than your housekeeper is reasonably able to handle. These little daily cleaning tasks can pile up and get kicked around the… Read More

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Window and Glass Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Windows and Glass in your home poses a special challenge for the typical cleaning routine. Many people end up paying for a service to have their windows cleaned when they have a multi-story home or a lot of large windows and doors, but this can become expensive. Cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass around your… Read More