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COVID Cleaning and Disinfection in Ocala FL

Since January of 2020, when news reports were trickling out of China regarding a very serious and easily spread virus termed Coronavirus, the effect of this virus has spread worldwide into a pandemic. We, in the United States, have not been spared, and, as of September 2020, we, as a nation, are still at battle with this serious disease. After mass closures of businesses, schools, and nearly all entertainment opportunities, there has been some reopening but still with strict rules regarding social distancing of six feet apart, wearing a face mask, and not congregating in groups over 50. People no longer are confined to their homes unless someone has been exposed or tests positive and must be quarantined for two weeks. However, the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is still very concerned with ongoing cases and deaths. It continues to warn all persons to keep their persons and living areas hygienically clean. Cassie’s Meticulous Touch is keeping up with required cleaning techniques and products and is ready to help you with the job of properly cleaning your home or commercial space to avoid the Coronavirus, or COVID as it is referred to, from becoming a threat.

Cleaning Above and Beyond the Usual

At Cassie’s Meticulous Touch, there has been a strict training for all team members to not only understand the danger of the COVID virus but to learn how to clean a home and office to ensure the required level of elimination of the virus. The cleaning protocol recommended by the CDC is closely followed, using techniques and specialized products designed to help in eliminating the COVID virus. Hospital-grade disinfectants are used. All disposable cleaning materials are carefully removed from the premise, and nondisposable materials are sanitized before reusing. Cassie’s team will properly disinfect surfaces where the virus can settle, including counters, tabletops, bureau tops, bookcases, appliance surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, furniture surfaces, bed headboards and footboards, rugs, floors, and particularly all bathroom fixtures.

Cassie’s Cares About You and Your Home and Commercial Space

In addition to using the most up-to-date protocol techniques and the best products available (there is no specific product to fight just the Coronavirus), Cassie’s Meticulous Touch ensures each worker who comes into your home or office will be well. He or she will not have a fever, a cough, or any other sign of illness. And, to the best of their knowledge, a worker will not have been near anyone who has tested positive for COVID. Each worker will wear a mask and protective gloves and maintain proper social distancing at all times.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

While it is true cleaning to eliminate the Coronavirus can be done by anyone taking the time needed and using the methods and products recommended by the CDC, it is an arduous and expensive task. By utilizing the services of Cassie’s Meticulous Touch, you can rest assured the difficult job of sanitizing your home and office will be done right. And, in today’s overwhelming need to keep COVID out of our homes and commercial spaces, it is a wise choice to hire a professional cleaning service that specializes in Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection.

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