Searching for the Right Floor Polish

Searching for the Right Floor Polish?

Here are the best ones out there

There are different types of floorings such as vinyl, laminate, hardwood, tiles and concrete floors to name a few. Each one of them requires specialized and unique cleaning needs and the right floor polish in order to come up with beautiful floors.

Hardwood Flooring

For your hardwood flooring, the use of too much liquid cleaner or water can cause long-lasting damage. Since wood is porous, it will absorb water or any liquid. It is best to sweep regularly to clean hardwood floors and to clean spills or spots on your floor as they occur. Use a light cleanser exclusively made for hardwood. Also, you can buy various deep cleaning solutions readily available from your local stores, depending on the kind of finish and wood. Another option is buffing your floor, as this process actually prevents the finish or polish you applied from coming off quickly. Once you have buffed the hardwood flooring, finish the job by applying a polishing solution or wax. Choose a paste wax for long lasting effect. Also, it can give an extra shine to your floor. However, a polishing solution is more beneficial, as it is easier to remove compared to paste wax.

Laminate and Vinyl Flooring

Much like hardwood flooring, your laminate and vinyl floors require a limited amount of liquid cleaner and water. Too much water can enter the layers of your vinyl and can loosen its adhesive, eventually causing the floor to peel off. The same goes for your laminate floor, it can expand if too much water is absorbed. It is highly recommended that you clean spills right away. Regular light mopping and sweeping is the most effective solution to keep laminate floors in shape. Another effective solution is to clean your laminate floor with a dry mop or an electrostatic mop or use a vacuum cleaner (but set off the brush bar setting) or sweep the floor with a soft broom. A water based polish as a coating for vinyl floors can be used to keep your floor having a glossy finish.

Concrete Flooring

Keeping your concrete floor well-polished as a mirror or glass surface can add to the beauty of your house. Concrete floors are easy to clean and allergen free, which is their biggest advantage compared to other types of floors. Polishing your concrete is just like sanding wood that needs an abrasive disc in scraping off the surface then smoothing it out like wood. You can clean it using the dry method, which means you don’t have to use water to polish. A heavy duty machine is used to vacuum the dust and generate a smooth surface. This method is more advantageous as you don’t need water and the process is easier and more convenient. The wet method that includes water for removing dust and cooling the abrasive dust. can make the process quite sloppy, so be extra careful when completing this. Either way, a polished floor produces a smooth finish and can transform your dull floor into an attractive and lustrous surface.

To achieve the shine and luster for your floorings, make sure to buy the right polish for your needs. For a more professional and expert look, seek the help of professional cleaners.