Buffing Floors

Buffing Tile Floors

Here are 10 tips to a beautiful shine!

Business owners make it a point to keep their office surroundings clean and well-maintained, particularly the tile floors, as they want to make a good impression on their clients. This shows existing and prospective clients they are dealing with professionals that have high quality standards – even on their tile floors. However, tile floors usually lose their shine and appeal over time as they become overwhelmed with scuff marks and foot traffic. In order to maintain and keep their pleasant appearance, floor buffing is essentially required. Most businesses employ professional cleaning service providers to attend to their cleaning needs, including buffing tile floors.

Professional cleaning service cleaners are highly trained in the most innovative techniques and equipment used in cleaning homes or offices. Here are 10 tips to beautiful and sparkling tile floors when done by professional cleaning service providers.

  1. The buffing process begins with sweeping and dusting the floor to remove any loose dust and dirt.
  2. After sweeping, the floor has to be mopped and dried.
  3. An appropriate cleaning solution and pad is used based on the type of floor. Hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors each require a different cleaning solution and pad.
  4. A mixture of water and cleaning solution is applied liberally on the floor, cleaning it by shifting the machine up and down. After the entire floor is treated the whole process may be repeated if there are areas on the floor that still need added treatment.
  5. Changing of cleaning pads when dirty or worn out is very important.
  6. The tile floor is mopped and dusted again right after it is buffed to remove any dirty cleaning solution left on the floor. A wet vacuum is used to clean up the dirty cleaning solution lingering on the floors.
  7. A polishing pad is connected to the machine to produce a very brilliant shine on the tile floor. This is only done if requested by the client.
  8. Upon request by a client, the cleaning service provider can strip the floor with wax. Floor wax is quite long-lasting and need not be removed and reapplied each time the floor is buffed. Dependent on the amount of traffic the floor undergoes, the usual time frame for floor wax stripping is six months to one year.
  9. To have a long lasting shine, fit your large appliances and furniture with protective feet. Heavy appliances such as refrigerators and furniture such as tables, sofas, and chairs which usually dwell in permanent areas in your offices or homes can dent your floor tiles. Avoid these dents by installing your furniture with protectors, usually found at hardware stores.
  10. There should be regular maintenance of your tile floors to make sure they won’t look dirty and neglected.

In view of all this, choosing the right cleaning service is very crucial. Do not leave it all to chance but make sure everything is done with the right people and resources. Maintenance of your tile floors can be a difficult task except for those people who have already mastered the craft. With ease and skill, experts from a reputable cleaning service provider will keep your tile floors clean and shinny.

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