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Quick Tips For Cleaning Different Types of Flooring

Many homes have a mix of different types of flooring in their homes. Carpet, Vinyl, Hardwood, and tile are some of the most common ones you will come across. Each one of these divides further into subcategories like types of wood or porcelain. Having different types of flooring throughout a home requires specialized attention in each instance. Sometimes you can get away with just vacuuming everything and being done with it, but what you’ll notice over time is that doesn’t quite do the job you’re looking for. Here are some of the most effective tips to just as easily deal with keeping different types of flooring clean.


Tile can come in porcelain, marble, ceramic, or even stone and it’s important to know what kind of tile you have because each one requires different methods. The simplest to maintain are the porcelains and ceramics. Modern porcelain and ceramic tile is typically very resilient and won’t scratch or show damage as often as another tile might. The resiliency also helps make cleaning easier. You can use most chemical cleaners on the tile without worrying about damage, and most of your brushes, brooms, mops, and the like pretty much all work well in a pinch to clean off the tile. If you have stone or marble, you’ll want to take the opposite approach using softer cleaning tools and cleaners with proper pH balance. When it comes to clean the grout lines, many people advocate for vinegar or peroxide, while this does work it does not extend the life of the grout. Grout is best cleaned with a grout cleaner or steam cleaning.


Vinyl planks are another type of flooring that has gained in popularity throughout the years. In general, its thought to be very versatile and easy to maintain. That is true but one thing many homeowners report after some significant use time is that they will tend to lose their shine and luster. Some of this is to be expected but if your careful with the everyday cleaning of the planks you can extend the new look and feel of them. Make sure to sweep or vacuum daily; dust has sharp edges that when built up can lead to scratches on the surface. Do a deep clean a couple of times a year using soap, water, and a little bit of white vinegar to add shine.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is an old favorite and adds tremendous character to a home. Being a natural product generally means you’ll want to have a much softer touch when dealing with this type of flooring. The basics for wood floor cleaning come down to soft bristle brooms and microfiber mops. Move with the grain of the wood and use cleaners designed for your type of wood. Make sure to avoid waxes and polishes that dull out your wood, never steam, and keep the heavy equipment off.

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