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Glass Shower Doors Can be a Nightmare!

Here’s how to get them squeaky clean and keep them that way.

Glass shower doors offer a number of advantages over the traditional shower curtains of old and have become standard at almost all levels of bathroom design. Nobody likes cleaning the bathroom. Typically, what you find is most people just try to get in and get out as quickly as possible. The whole point to glass shower doors is to prevent the mess associated with curtains, and glass seems easier to clean in general than a series of inner and out curtains that you typically can’t just machine wash. Here are the ways we found were most successful when cleaning glass shower doors.

The main problem with glass shower doors is soap scum, water stains, and even potential mildew. When you’re attacking a major item in a bathroom whether it’s the toilet, sink or shower, tools of the trade are the difference between easy success and mediocre messy solutions. For the glass shower door, the squeegee is the key to keeping crisp clean doors. Using a squeegee every day and finding a place to keep in the actual shower makes the largest impact in the most simple way.

One old-school method of cleaning large glass surfaces is simply vinegar. Vinegar, a clean cloth, and some water to rinse down with is one of the best time-tested methods for cleaning water stains, soap scum, and all manner of shower mess. Glass specifically cleans up well under vinegar and if your daring you can even use a newspaper and really take it back in time.

Of course, you can always go with commercial cleaners as well. There is a wide range of glass cleaner and bathroom cleaners available from retail outlets and you can even buy some of the more serious commercial cleaning products. There is a wide range of strengths available that makes use of various high-end chemicals that have been used in the cleaning industry and homes for decades.

One well-known method to keep your shower door glass clean has been explored in depth on the internet in videos and articles. Rain-X is a popular car windshield cleaner and preventer. Well, it turns out your shower door garners the very same benefits your car windshield does from Rain-X. What it does really makes the water bead more quickly off the surface of your glass and down into the drain. When you treat glass with Rain-X it lasts for quite some time and does a tremendous job of keeping water stained and soap scum from accumulating and greying your shower doors.