Bathroom Grout

Is Your Bathroom Grout Starting to Look Stained?

How to do Your Own Grouting Perfectly

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house and over time, bathroom tiles can get very dirty and you have to re-grout them all over again. However, your grout can actually last a long time and can still look good if you know the basics of how to perfectly grout your tiles. The following guidelines will make certain your grout will last a long time.

Cement based grout

Use grout on your tiles that can be mixed with water. Several pre-mixed grout brands sold at home improvement stores won’t really last because they are not cement based and are quite hard to clean and sustain. Although cement based products are permeable and have to be sealed, they won’t grow mold. Latex based grouts, however, will turn black and become moldy in just a short period of time. It also attracts dirt and contaminants that are very difficult to remove and clean.

Clean the tiles before grouting

It is very important to remove all the dust and dirt on your tile surfaces before grouting. Likewise, tile spacers should be stripped off as well, because if not, it can create a weak coating over the spacers which can eventually crack and break apart.

Sanded or Unsanded

Use sanded grout when grouting larger or 1/8 inch joints, as the sand will toughen the grout and will look better on your tiles. You can use unsanded grout for less than 1/8 inch joints.

Grout Color

Choose the color of the grout that is complimenting to the tile design you have. Do not use a color that will give more emphasis to the grout instead of the tile design.

Use just enough water when you mix with the grout

Do not use too much water on your grout as it can weaken the grout which can then crumble eventually. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and completely to avoid any mistake.

Removing the grout haze after grouting

Do not wait overnight and wait for the grout to settle totally before removing the haze. You can remove the haze within 2 to 3 hours after you set the grout. If you wait overnight or even after many hours, the haze can be extremely difficult to remove.

Wait for 72 hours for the grout to set

Do not use any same day sealer and do not seal before 72 hours of setting time. It is important to seal the grout so that no stains and spills will set in. If you don’t seal the grout, discoloration and staining can occur and it may be hard to clean them using only ordinary cleaning products.

Keeping your bathroom pristine, clean, and well-maintained is essential to keeping your family healthy and germ-free. Replacing grout when needed is an important step in bathroom maintenance.