Independence Day 4 july

Get Ready for Independence Day and Go Out with a Bang!

Here’s how to keep calm with all the mess and confusion.

The celebration of America’s Independence Day always comes with parties, concerts, floats, parades, picnics and more. Every year people all over the United States commemorate this day of liberation from Great Britain. Homeowners usually hold parties for family, friends and guests to celebrate this significant occasion. They get busy with all the holiday preparations such as cleaning the entire house, groceries, cooking and yard work. With all the stress that comes with it, the last thing you want to do is to confront the mess the day after. Do not get caught up with all the confusion and clutter, face up to the challenge of dealing with it head on with these tips.

Clean as you go

It’s best to deal with the clutter right away. Although it can be exhausting, the “clean as you go” policy is much more effective than ignoring the task at hand. It is less stressful to clean spilled beverages immediately, washing the dishes after eating, taking out the garbage and the like, than facing a mountain of dirty dishes and a pile of trash scattered all over the place. If cleaned right away, spills won’t set in as stains and there is a better chance that your guests will help you when they see you cleaning.

Thorough Cleaning of your Bathroom

After the party, set your mind to thoroughly clean your bathroom. It is expected that this is one area of your house that needs cleaning the most, aside from your kitchen. Scrub the sink using warm and soapy water with dishwashing liquid. Clean the toilet bowl, mop the floor, wipe down the mirror, and wash the towels.

Kitchen Makeover

One of the busiest areas of your house during Independence
Day is your kitchen. With all the cooking and chatting going on inside the kitchen, it is usually where stains, dirt, and spills occur. Start with the dirty dishes, clean and scrub surfaces, organize the shelves, clean your stove and stove top area, clean your countertops. Do not forget to clean the refrigerator and place the leftovers inside for consumption later. Make sure your kitchen returns to its clean state.

Remove stains

With all the revelries going on, spills and stains can be just about everywhere. For spills from red wine left on your fabric, you may pour white wine directly on the spill then wash in ammonia and cold water, and for white wine stains, simply clean with water and ammonia. As guests come in and out of your house, muddy shoe prints are evident. Get them cleaned by mopping your floor, and clean the carpet by spraying a carpet cleaner.

Ask professional help

All the preparations, hosting, and cooking during the holiday can be very exhausting and it can take all your energy so that there is nothing left anymore. Don’t be afraid to ask for some help from professional cleaning services. They can do the job faster, and more accurately, effectively and affordably.