cleaning spider webs

Boo Again!

Last week we talked about decorating for Halloween. What about the real spider webs in the corner of your baseboards and ceilings? They seem to come out of nowhere. Here’s how to keep them at bay.

Spider webs are quite easy to get rid of. However, before starting the process, survey your house for webs and put on protective gear like gloves, goggles, and protective clothing for safety purposes.

Spider webs should be removed right away. The moment you notice that these critters are making their web in your baseboards and ceilings or any other area, you should eliminate them at once to stop them from infesting your house. As you regularly clean your house, always be on the lookout for spider webs.

One of the best ways to remove webs is by using a vacuum. A handheld vacuum is easier to maneuver but if you don’t have that, use one with an extension nozzle to suck up those webs. Make sure to check every corner of your house, from the ceiling to the baseboards, under the furniture, chairs, and tables. If you notice even just a small trace of the web, vacuum it up.

Some areas or corners of your house can be difficult to reach with just a vacuum cleaner. You can use a soft duster with an improvised extended handle to reach and clean them. Or use an old sock and tie it on a yardstick with the help of a rubber band.

Another effective means of removing spider webs if your ceiling is speckled, also known as popcorn ceiling is by using a paint roller and duct tape. Spider webs in this type of ceiling are somewhat challenging and stubborn to clean. But with the use of a paint roller covered by duct tape, with the sticky side of the tape facing outside, it should do the trick. Simply roll over the paint with tape on your speckled ceiling and remove the web. Do this process again until the web comes off completely from your ceiling.

Using bleach with water to remove spider webs can also be effective. This mixture will kill spiders and spider eggs. You can buy bleach from a local grocery store, just read the instructions before using it. Dilute around 1 gallon of bleach with water. Place it in a spray bottle and spray on the affected areas. Keep your protective gear on to avoid any accident. Remember bleach can burn your skin. Use hot water when mixing with bleach.

You can also ask for assistance from professional and reliable cleaning services. They are more experienced in eliminating spider webs, whether at home or in the office.

Spiders can be beneficial because they eat other insects, but if you are really bent on removing them, particularly their webs, from your property then you can apply these methods. Now, preventing them from forming again is another challenge. If you have a regular cleaning schedule, you may include dusting frequently. Vacuuming is also required if you don’t want them to keep coming back. Always keep your place tidy and clean and the spiders will usually look for another place to spin their webs.