Decorating for Halloween

Boo! Decorating for Halloween the easy way

Halloween is among the most anticipated and exciting holidays every year, especially for kids and kids-at-heart. Decorating is even more enjoyable, with every member of the family creating their own unique spooky designs inside and out of the house to make the event more realistic and scary. There’s also the costumes kids use when going from house to house to do trick or treat. With all the preparations going on, it may seem quite chaotic and messy, but with a few creative ideas and an imaginative mind, you can create your own designs without spending too much money and time.

Pumpkin is one of the most popular representations of Halloween and your house won’t be complete without them lighting the place. You may use only one, but if you want it more dramatic, then buy a bunch of various sized pumpkins and place them around your front door.

Make your own props like hanging spiders and bats made from household items like pipe cleaners. Design your own scary critters from paper cutouts or from old sheets and stick them in your windows. Make sure the kids make their own designs so they can showcase their creativity and have fun at the same time.

Set the mood by replacing regular lights in your home with colored ones. Colored lights are easy to find in your local home improvement shops. Prevalent colors used in Halloween are red, orange and purple. Another option is by stringing up low-priced Halloween fairy bulbs shaped like pumpkins. For a theatrical and intense look, use black light bulbs to illuminate your decorations. Don’t forget to include candles to create that spooky and ghostly effect. You can easily buy them from the store, however, use with great caution, as they can cause fire and can injure your children or pets.

Halloween won’t be the same without scary music, just like in horror movies, where they integrate sounds that can keep you on the edge of your seat. The scary soundtracks can further make the atmosphere more eerie and creepy. You can buy CD’s or just download from the internet for free.

Let us not forget the candies that kids love during Halloween. Fill your jars or containers with cute candies with different spooky shapes and sizes like chocolate cats, gummy spiders, candy corn, and a whole lot more!

And of course, the highlight is dressing up for the occasion. Your kids will love to go outside in their chosen Halloween costumes and be with their friends to knock on doors from house to house so they can Trick or Treat. Many creative costumes can be homemade from sheets, blankets, pillowcases, large boxes, large, paper grocery bags, old clothes, hats, shoes, and boots, sports uniforms and equipment, colored ribbon and yarn, face paint, and colored hairspray

Let that creative mind of yours be put into action especially on this occasion. If you want to save more, plan in advance and buy your props ahead of time so you won’t be caught in the last minute shopping rush when prices are usually higher.

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