Cleaning Electronic Devices Correctly

What is the Best Way to Clean My Electronic Equipment?

Cleaning each electronic device you own is not an easy task and you need to be careful to maintain the structure of your equipment. A dirty electronic device may result in errors and may damage your unit. You can clean your devices using various techniques, but use the one that is appropriate for your electronic equipment to avoid accidental damage to your device.

Different Ways of Cleaning Your Electronic Equipment. Here are some of the standard techniques that you can use in cleaning your devices:

Removing the Dust on your Device

The primary culprit that causes your tool not working correctly is dust. The dust can thicken and may block or damage essential components of your unit. For instance, if your fan accumulates dust on its motor, it may ruin its electronics and may result in overheating. All your devices from TV to mobile phones may suffer damage due to dust. The best thing to do is to dust your electronic equipment regularly.

Cleaning the Screens

Your TV, phone, and computer screens easily attract fingerprints, dust, and dirt. You will find screens get dirty and grimy. Each type of screen will require different cleaning techniques, so make sure to check the manufacturer’s manual. Two of the widely used electronic devices are the computer and mobile phone thus they require frequent cleaning.

Spraying a cleaner directly onto the screen is not the right way of cleaning it. You might spray too much cleaning solution on it and might damage some critical components of your device. The best way to clean screens is to get a clean cloth and spray a small amount of spray on them and then wipe the screen dry using a circular motion.

Paper towels are not the right material for cleaning screens as they can cause scratches on the surface. Instead, use a soft, clean cloth. It is best if you stock some soft clothes at home so you can easily get one if you need to clean your electronic device screens.

Some people use ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, or glass cleaner to clean different types of screens. These liquids can do a great job of cleaning the screen without damaging it. You can use them as an alternative for the expensive screen cleaners. To make sure it is safe for your device test it first in a small area.

How to Clean Accidental Spillage on your Electronic Equipment?

No matter how careful you are, spillage can still happen. To avoid this, the best thing to do is to keep drink or food away from your electronic device. Just in case spills do occur, the first thing is to dry it off right away to avoid further damage. Start by turning the device off and unplugging it. Wipe your equipment dry to stop it from spreading. Then check your device for any damage.

If you are lucky and the spill did not make it into your device, you don’t have to worry your device is safe from getting damaged. If, in case a small amount of liquid penetrated into the device, allow it to dry, or remove the cover and wipe the internal parts. Be very careful when doing this, and keep in mind that warranties are voided if you tamper with the workings of your electronic devices.
In case a significant amount of liquid has seeped into your device, it’s time to call the expert. Don’t plug it back until a professional tells you it is alright to do so.

Always keep in mind electronic devices are not the same. Some get easily damaged, even in a small amount of liquid. Others can withstand any liquid without getting damage. Always read the care manuals for your electronic devices carefully to understand what should be done to clean it, maintain it and what to do in case of a liquid spill.