Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds

Here’s the secret to cleaning your venetian blinds and keeping them dust free!

Venetian blinds make an attractive window covering other than curtains for our homes and offices. But just like any other coverings, venetian blinds are also prone to dust and, depending on the place, can accumulate dirt and grime, thus needing regular cleaning and maintenance. You can do the cleaning yourself but if you are aiming for a more professional and precise cleaning, then it is best to employ cleaning services Ocala FL. Blinds may seem easy to clean, but over time if left unattended can become complicated to clean with all the dust and dirt stuck to them for a long time. This is where cleaning services Ocala FL comes in.

Venetian blinds are made of various materials such as plastic, vinyl, aluminum, metal, and wood and your cleaning depends on the material they are made from. To give you an idea on how cleaning should be done, below are a few helpful tips you may consider in order to have dirt-free blinds.

Before light cleaning your blinds, check first for those problem spots to accurately address them. Light cleaning can be done regularly without too much effort and can be done without taking off the venetian blinds from their place. Simply clean them with a fluffy or light feather duster. But, for a more efficient cleaning, you should dust off each slat with a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. This can be carried out for any type of venetian blinds.

If you have curtains around your blinds be sure to tie them back so they won’t get dirty once you clean your venetian blinds. For sure, you don’t want to make your curtains dirty as well.

Cleaning blinds can be somewhat tricky. You can try using a tricket, which is much like a squeegee. If you are not familiar how a squeegee looks it is a tool having a soft rubber blade attached to it, usually used to clean the glass section of shops and cars. A tricket has two types, the first one is made of sponges present on both sides and the second one has squeegees on each side. Cleaning this way is efficient as you can clean both sides of the blinds’ slats simultaneously.

Another practical tip is by filling a tub with warm or cold water with dish soap added. Take out the blinds from your window and soak them in the solution for about half an hour. Use a smooth brush and scrub the slats. After scrubbing, shower them until the soap is gone, then hang them over the shower to dry. Wipe the blinds using a paper towel or a dry cloth so they can stay dirt-free longer.

All these tips can help you in keeping your venetian blinds clean. However, there are times that no matter how you clean the blinds, dirt and grime still remain. In this case, it is best to seek the assistance of professional cleaners from cleaning services Ocala FL. They are more equipped and skilled to tackle hard to clean venetian blinds, having the proper training and right equipment and tools to completely clean them. Cleaning services Ocala FL provide an expert approach in cleaning venetian blinds and can significantly help in getting rid of the problem for a longer period of time.

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