Gift Card from Cassie’s Meticulous Touch

Valentine’s Day is Upon Us!

Surprise your loved one with a Gift Card from Cassie’s Meticulous Touch

Valentine’s Day is almost here and by now, people are already making plans for the right gift for their loved ones. Well, there are a lot of gift suggestions you can actually give to a loved one such as jewelry, movie date, chocolates, bouquet of roses or even a getaway trip. The possibilities are endless for a creative and inspired mind. Regardless of what you give, as long as it comes from a loving heart it will be greatly appreciated.

One unique gift suggestion that your loved one would truly appreciate and won’t forget is a Gift Card from Cassie’s Meticulous Touch. Nowadays, people are so engrossed with their careers that cleaning the house is often a burden. It’s a good thing that Cassie’s creative team came up with the idea of providing Gift Cards to clients who may want to give their loved ones a very valuable gift and have them experience the agency’s high quality house cleaning and office cleaning services. As we all know, cleaning our homes can be very tiring and time consuming and can usually take a day or two to get it thoroughly clean. Be that as it may, we have other important obligations to attend to and most of the time our busy schedules do not permit us the liberty to do the cleaning as thoroughly as needed. Cassie’s cleaning services team of experts can do all the cleaning for you fast and meticulously, without leaving any trace of dirt and dust.

Giving the Gift Card from Cassie’s Meticulous Touch to your loved one can be the most valuable gift they would ever receive from you, as you will be helping them to improve their lives and provide them a healthier and safer environment to live in. These gift cards are available in different amounts at your convenience. You can also use the gift card in combination with Cassie’s other great offer – 40% discount on first time house cleaning and office cleaning services for new customers.

What exactly can you expect from Cassie’s gift card? Well, first and foremost, you will be treated to a world class cleaning service from a team of professionals who will not only clean the house or office but will painstakingly transform your surroundings into an immaculate sanctuary for the entire family. The cleaners will use some of the most advanced cleaning techniques and equipment as well as using the industry’s safest cleaning products that are eco-friendly with no hazardous effects to humans, animals and the environment. You can also choose from different cleaning schedules – daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly. Not only that, your loved ones can benefit from other cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor waxing, floor stripping, or even special events or party cleaning services, one time move in/out cleaning, and lawn care services.

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