refrigerator cleaning tips

Tips & Tricks to Keeping Your Refrigerator Spotless

Keeping your refrigerators fresh and hygienic all the time is a must since you are storing food and drinks inside. Cleaning it regularly is very important for the sake of the health and well-being of your family. Your fridge is usually one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, so spills and mess are bound to happen. In order to save time and effort in cleaning your fridge, here are some tips and tricks in keeping it spotless and fresh all day.

  1. Organize your food based on their cooking temperature. You can place on the upper shelf of your fridge those foods that do not have need of cooking. Usually, these foods can still be fresh in cool temperature but not in a cold temperature. Foods like cheese, yogurt, butter, beverages and leftovers can still keep their freshness and are safe to eat even if placed on the upper shelves. Put foods like mushrooms and eggs on the middle shelf and on the bottom shelf, seafood and raw meat.
  2. Separate your vegetables from your fruits. Do not mix your vegetables with your fruits in the same crisper drawer as most fruits produce ethylene, a chemical that causes the ripening progression while your veggies do not have the same characteristic. And, if they are put in the same drawer, it will only speed up the ripening process of the veggies, which can cause them to spoil and wilt a lot sooner than expected.
  3. Place your leftovers where you can easily see them. It is most likely that you will eat the first thing you see after opening the fridge, so it would be better if you keep leftovers at eye level so they get eaten before they spoil.
  4. Give space around the food so that the cold air inside will be able to move about freely and keep your food from spoiling quicker than it should. By having adequate cold air space for your foodstuff, you can still enjoy and eat your leftovers for a couple of days more.
  5. To get rid of foul odors from your fridge, use activated carbon. Although baking soda is an effective item in absorbing any kind of foul smell inside the refrigerator, there is an even better way to get rid of odors, that is activated carbon. An activated carbon is usually used in keeping the fish tanks hygienic. It can also be used in keeping your fridge clean and fresh.

Keeping your fridge spotless and fresh is easier said than done, but with some help you can completely avoid foul smells and be able to keep leftovers longer. Using, a professional house cleaning service can help you a lot because they are experts in this kind of task. They have the right tools, equipment, and cleaning materials to properly handle the cleaning of your refrigerator.