Tips and Tricks to an Organized Pantry

Tips and Tricks to an Organized Pantry

Begin with a clean slate or start anew, that is the first step in having an organized pantry. Empty out the shelves and get rid of all items that are expired, give away those that you don’t need anymore, and sort out the remaining items. Taking out everything from your pantry makes you evaluate those items that you still need and those that do not belong there anymore, so you can free up more space. You need to unorganized in order to reorganize.

Evaluate your pantry on a per week basis. Keeping your pantry organized doesn’t have to be an enormous and time-consuming task to take on. By evaluating your pantry on a weekly basis and doing a quick inventory, you will have control and assurance that you already have what you need in order to avoid buying the same thing. You will then need to purchase only items you are out of.

Buy clear containers and label them. For easier access and identification, buying clear containers are helpful for bulk bin items such as rice, nuts, and grains. It is easier to identify and find supplies if you put labels on containers or canisters.

Multipurpose and heavy duty hotel pans and sheet pans can be made into fine organizers. By grouping ingredients that are of the same kind, it is easier to get and find them. They are also great in containing any possible leaks and spills from loose or liquid ingredients.

Take a few minutes to keep your pantry tidy and clean. It only takes a few minutes to clean your pantry every day. You don’t have to empty out everything just to clean it. Wipe the shelves, keep the labels visible, group similar items, and toss expired items. This will keep your pantry tidy and clean. For frequently used items, place them at eye level so you can see them easily. Use larger space, often on the floor under shelves for more practical pieces such as produce bins and recycling containers.

Household items such as crates, magazine racks, pencil holders and other space-saving racks are a smart and economical way to add more storage to your pantry. Knowing that everything has its own special place, it will be less likely you will forget where to look for a certain item.

Floor to ceiling cabinets is another great way of providing a multitude of space where you can store and keep kitchen essentials. You can easily store different grocery items in a tall cabinet with shelves of various heights and set it up near the place where your meals are being prepared. This type of pantry keeps the kitchen looking more organized.

Lastly, if you think that your hands are full and it is not possible for you to do all the organizing, better hire professional cleaners who are more skilled and experienced in-house cleaning, which includes pantry organizing. They can give you expert advice on how to correctly organize your pantry.