Cleaning Leather Furniture

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Leather Furniture

The most effective way to clean leather furniture is to do it gently and with care. The gentler you clean it the better. The fact is, this kind of furniture is not cheap at all, but with proper care, it will last for years. Since it is a natural product, it will display its natural patina as it ages, which makes it even more stunning. You cannot stop dust and dirt as well as stains from getting on your leather furniture. Using harsh cleansers to remove them can leave marks on leather which are hard to correct. The same is true for aniline leather which easily gets stained since it does not have a protective layer.

The best way to clean your leather furniture is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In case you have lost your copy, you can request another copy or you can try the tips and tricks below for cleaning your leather furniture.

Standard Method of Cleaning Your Leather Furniture

Dirt can build up on your leather furniture. To avoid this, it is best to regularly clean your furniture. You can use soap and water to clean it. But before doing that it is best to wipe it over first with a dry microfiber cloth.
Then moisten the cloth with water and very slightly, rub a mild soap on it. If you want to use liquid soap, make sure to use only a very slight amount. Wipe your furniture using this moistened cloth with soap. Keep in mind you should not let your leather furniture get overly wet and you should not rinse it after cleaning with soap. Buffing using a soft cloth is enough. The moisture from the soup is all you need to condition the leather. You can polish it if needed, but this method is usually enough to clean your leather furniture.

Steps on Removing Stains

This method can get rid most of the stains on your leather furniture. A tougher stain may require professional help to save your furniture. Use a soft, absorbent, and clean cloth. Prepare several rags since you will be needing them for wet wiping and others for drying. If the stain is caused by a liquid, tap the area with a clean cloth to absorb it. Wiping it can spread the stain making it harder to manage. Wet the cloth slightly with water. Make sure not to wet the cloth excessively, it can create water stains on your furniture. Or you can spray water on the rag just enough to moisten it. Apply a minimal amount of soap or wipe the moistened cloth across the bar of soap and lather. Gently work the cloth into the leather in circular motions. Do not rinse, just let a clean dry cloth absorb the excess moisture.

The above tips for cleaning your leather furniture will help them last longer. Make sure you use the right cleaning product as utilizing the wrong one can damage your expensive furniture.