VCT Tile Floor

The Maintenance and Care of Vinyl Composition (VCT) Tile

Waxing and buffing is very important for the care of VCT tile. Why not let a professional do it for you?

VCT or Vinyl Composition Tile is the preferred choice for the majority of commercial establishments when it comes to their flooring. VCT is popular because of its resilience, attractiveness, and ease of maintenance. Then again, in order for the VCT to maintain its attractiveness and be practically scratch free, it has to be cleaned on a regular basis and cared for properly. Just like anything else that needs care and attention, the VCT also necessitates all that. One way of ensuring that your VCT is maintained properly is to hire cleaning services.

A cleaning service company has a team of cleaning professionals that can significantly assist you in giving your VCT proper care and can help in extending the life of the floor. Floors normally tend to lose their shine and quality over time. This is due to foot traffic and other factors that bring pollutants such as dirt and dust in which embeds in the floor and may not be easily removed with mopping alone.

We can say that having attractive flooring is a major investment of a company, which is meant to last for many years. Its condition can be a direct reflection of how you take care of business, therefore it is very essential that you hire the most reliable and professional cleaning service company for that expert treatment.

Waxing and buffing is very important to your VCT floor. Cassie’s Meticulous Touch can help you electrify your floor by means of its floor waxing and floor stripping services. Cassie’s team of experts can make your VCT floor shine brightly, which can have a positive effect on employees and clients alike. Through Cassie’s deep cleaning services your image to your clients can be boosted further. Their impression of your organization will be that of a well-organized, profitable, and systematic business. When your clients see that you have exerted your time and energy to preserve the appearance and ambience of your business, they are sure to inform others of just how well maintained are your company facilities. By having radiant and eye-catching floor tiles you can be certain your business area appears at its best.

To keep that professional appearance, Cassie’s cleaning services make use of the most modern, environmentally friendly and effective cleaning procedures, always taking into account the health and safety of every customer.

Cassie’s cleaning staff has the required expertise in this field, the right equipment and tools for cleaning, as well as the integrity of clients to boast of. The cleaning services schedule is flexible as they provide daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleaning; whatever is most convenient for you. Affordability is also one of Cassie’s

strong points. Cassie’s is committed to fully satisfy its clients and gives utmost attention to every minute detail, leaving no room for mistakes or slipups. Its reputation of being Florida’s “ Gold Star” Cleaning Service is applied at all times.

Cassie’s Meticulous Touch Co. is a family owned company, operating in areas of Ocala FL, Orlando FL, The Villages FL, Gainesville FL and surrounding locales. Specializing in office cleaning services and house cleaning services, Cassie’s also render other services such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, one time move outs/ins, and party or special event cleaning. So, while you are getting your VCT professionally cared for, be sure to take advantage of Cassie’s other services to keep your business facilities something to be proud of.