Amazing Features of a Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is Truly Magical

Cleaning has never been so easy, thanks to the geniuses behind the Magic Eraser. You probably heard of it from your friends, neighbors, and colleagues or read about it online but still in doubt on its capability to get rid of hard to remove dirt and stain. This blog will show you how effective this product is.

How Magic Erasers Work
Have you heard of melamine foam? The foam has been used as a soundproofing and insulation material. And, it is also the same material used in manufacturing Magic Erasers. The melamine foam was discovered as a powerful abrasive cleaner. Its microstructure hardens as a glass once the melamine resin dries into foam, producing a Super-fine sandpaper on dirt and blemishes. The foam loosens the dirt and stain, and the foam microstructure sucks it and traps it there.
Just like other products, it has its own drawback. The foam will break down and fall apart as you use it. We suggest you cut Magic Eraser into small pieces, so you can use it longer.

Are Magic Erasers Safe?
Magic erasers are safe to use, so you don’t have to worry. To prove to you its safety, here are some facts that will give you peace of mind:

  • The ingredients found in magic eraser are safe, have been used for many years in various household products, and are known to be non-toxic.
  • The ingredients in magic erasers are not related to any health-related labeling laws in Europe or in North America.
  • The product does not contain formaldehyde. Although it contains formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer it is not the same as the dangerous formaldehyde.

Here is a list of some of the magic that can be done using these cleaning erasers.
You can use magic erasers to…

  • Remove crayons, marker, and pen off the furniture and walls.
  • Remove label and sticker residue.
  • Clean those hard-to-clean fiberglass shower floors.
  • Clean your silver jewelry and get rid of tarnish from silver utensils and jewelry.
  • Take residue off dry erase marker boards.
  • Remove pen marks, dirt built up, and scuffs on shoes, luggage, purses, and couches.
  • Make your granite countertops and other stone surfaces finish good as new.
  • Clean mouses, monitors, keyboards, and other electronics.
  • Get rid of stains on clothing.
  • Eliminate scum from glass and shower door.
  • Scrub tile grout.
  • Remove kool-aid, tea, and coffee stains from countertops.
  • Clean microfiber chairs and couches.
  • Clean car exteriors, interiors, paint scratches, and wheels.
  • Eliminate stuck on bugs from house siding, cars, etc.
  • Erases paint and ink stains from hands.
  • Clean boats and RV’s, in and out.

Indeed, Magic Eraser is almost what could be called a miracle product. Rarely a day goes by when one of its uses isn’t needed. Many thanks to whoever discovered this product’s worth.

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