Tantalize the Senses

Tantalize the Senses

Here’s 5 natural ways to make your house smell fresh and clean

Imagine coming home after a day’s work and smelling something disgusting. And what if you have a guest with you who also smells it! That would be very embarrassing. Your guest may think you don’t clean your home or take care of it, that’s why it smells terrible. There may be food left in the kitchen you were not able to put in the fridge, or your pet has had an accident, or someone has burned some food, or any number of other causes. Well, fret no more! There are actually natural house scents that can keep your house smelling clean and fresh. The following are some homemade and natural house scents that you can easily concoct on your own.

Do It Yourself Furniture/Room Deodorizing Spray

This easy concoction can be sprayed in every room of the house and on your furniture as well. Simply mix thoroughly 1 tbsp. baking soda with 2 to 3 drops of essential oil like cinnamon, peppermint, orange, lemon or lavender. Mix and match your favorite scents then put them in a spray bottle and add distilled water. Shake well and that’s it!

Your Own Room Diffuser

Are you familiar with those room diffusers you see in stores with bamboo sticks in them? You can create your very own in a natural way. You need the following items for your diffuser:

  1. Small glass or jar
  2. Wooden bamboo skewers (around 8 to 10 pcs)
  3. All purpose cleaner

Simply put in a sufficient amount of cleaner in the jar to fill it up halfway. Get your bamboo skewers and cut to just the right height. Trim down the pointy ends of the skewers to make sure they are not twice the height of the jar or glass. Put them in the jar or glass and place them wherever you want a clean and fresh scent.

Do Your Own Carpet Freshener

For your carpet freshener, all you need is 1 cup baking soda mixed with 1 tbsp. ground cinnamon. Place the mixture in a container and sprinkle substantially on your carpets. Let it stay for 30 minutes to 1 hour then vacuum. You will smell the aroma of a delicious cinnamon blend.

Shoe Deodorizer

For smelly shoes, aside from buying over the counter products to prevent bad shoe odor, you can make your own natural house scents as a quick remedy. Simply mix thoroughly 2 cups water with 2 tsp. essential oil – choose from tea tree oil or thyme– then place the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture liberally on your shoes and let it dry completely before wearing them.

Car and Home Freshener

Another effective and natural way to remove bad smells is by mixing 4 to 6 drops of essential oil with ½ cup baking soda placed in a small transparent jar. Use a piece of fabric with some holes in it for the lid of the jar. Place the freshener in your desired area. This mixture can be placed inside your bathroom, closet, or any room that needs refreshing.

These natural house scents have a therapeutic and relaxing effect on people and can take away your stress after a day’s work. However, if you still do not have the time to do all this, you may want to hire a professional cleaning services provider to make your home smell fresh and clean.