summertime blues

Summertime Blues?

Are you stuck inside because it is just too hot out there? Tidy up inside to lift your spirits

Having those summertime blues again? Are you afraid to go out of the house because of the heat? Well then, if that’s the case you can do something productive while inside the house. Look around and for sure you will have a lot of things to do such as tidying up your home, which can lift your spirits.

Cleaning up your home can give you a sense of achievement after you do all your best to tidy it up. Just by seeing how clean your surroundings are and at the same time being praised for what you did, can give you satisfaction. The appreciation of your loved ones can lift your spirits and can change your mindset into a more positive outlook. Arm yourself with your cleaning tools and give your house a good tidying up from top to bottom.

Here are some of the things that can keep you busy and stop your summertime blues.

  1. Wipe clean your stained and dusty windowsills all around the house.
  2. Dust your lighting fixtures
  3. Adjust window blinds in every room to keep the sun away from your carpet, artwork, and furniture.
  4. If you have clothes and shoes that won’t be used until next summer, you may protect them with aromatic herbs such as lavender, balsam, cinnamon, or rosemary to keep them smelling fresh. You can also use cedar to prevent any damage from insects or moths.
  5. Organize your kids’ toys and keep them tidy on low shelves for easy access. You can be creative in teaching your kids to keep their toys neatly placed back on the shelves after playing with them. Toy boxes don’t work well as children can’t find what they want to play with so usually just dump everything out making a big mess.
  6. Maintain a chart of household chores in a visible or conspicuous area inside the house, for the whole family to see easily. Every morning after eating breakfast, have each member select a chore to do right away. Consider a small reward such as a family fun outing or special ice cream treat.
  7. Put clutter away as a “messy” environment can make a person depressed.
  8. Since it’s summer, the kids will be playing all day long and getting their clothes dirty everyday, as well as towels during summer swims, outings and camping trips so it’s best to wash them right away.
  9. Plan some changes in furniture arrangement or even a newly painted room to cheer you up.
  10. Spray a room freshener with a scent that helps you feel rejuvenated which will then boost you mood.

Try to keep yourself busy so that you won’t have time to be melancholic or feeling blue. Enjoy the season and appreciate every moment you have with your family and friends.