Celebrating the Fourth of July in 2020

Suggestions for Celebrating July 4th in 2020

Life is different this year than last year at this time. While it will still be July 4th, the birthday of our nation and a special day for celebration much has happened in recent months to change where and how we will be able to celebrate. The Fourth of July, 2020 will need to be celebrated with some cautions still in place as well as trying to be extra sensitive to those around us. Here are some suggestions for how to make this National holiday fun, yet safe and healthy.

  • In most areas of the country, people are allowed to visit in homes other than their own. And, as large, group gatherings are still being discouraged, most families will likely think of ways to get together at a home. This will hold true for small groups of friends as well. While most people take a little more time cleaning when the company, even family or friends, are coming, due to the on-going threat of COVID 19, it is essential to have a squeaky, clean home. Be especially concerned with kitchen, bathrooms, and areas such as family or living room where people gather. Take a little extra time to sanitize any area where a person might sit or lean on. Be sure door handles and chair arms are wiped down with a disinfectant. Shortly before the time for the get-together giving the whole home a good spray with a spray that kills germs is a good idea.
  • If weather permits and you have an outdoor space suitable for gathering, an outdoor celebration is preferable to one indoors. Tradition in many communities has called for picnics in the park, so a picnic in the yard can be a lot of fun. Plan simple foods, grill if you can, and use paper and plastic products to cut down on germs as well a lighten the clean-up.
  • Community fireworks are, in most areas, canceled. This will mean a lot more backyard firework displays. While this is a fun idea, it can also be a dangerous one if the fireworks are mishandled. Be sure to watch children and read all directions as to how to have a safe fireworks display.
  • Many people are still practicing the 6 feet apart rule and wearing face masks. If this is true in your home or a home you will be visiting, make sure you follow and respect what is being asked for. It is better to stay away if you disagree than make others uncomfortable with your difference of opinion.
  • Have a good supply of soap for handwashing, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes available, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. Have easily accessed covered waste cans for disposing of used sanitation products. Instead of regular towels to dry hands, have rolls of paper towels readily available.
  • When the get-together is over, be sure to once again thoroughly clean your home, especially all surfaces, doorknobs, and bathrooms. Again, a disinfectant spray through the home is a good idea and open doors and window if weather permits.

Thankfully, for most of us, we should be able to celebrate the Fourth of July, if not in a traditional way, in a happy way, with family and friends. And, to make the celebration even better, why not have a professional cleaning service take care of the before and after part of entertaining? If you live in Ocala, Florida, or surrounding areas, Cassis’s Meticulous Touch offers a before and after-party cleaning. She has been in the cleaning business for a successful 20 years, and her staff is well trained to handle the present-day need for intense sanitation requirements. You can call (352) 216-0513 for a free estimate and to make an appointment for her extraordinary cleaning services.