prepare a beautiful lawn in the spring

Spring Lawn Care

What you need to know to prepare for a beautiful lawn in the spring.

Spring time is when the wind is cool, the sun is warm, and the sound of lawnmowers constantly fills the air. Homeowners are busy doing lawn care maintenance, taking pride in their home turf. Here are some tips to help you in preparing for a beautiful and healthy lawn this spring time.

Inspection and Cleaning Up of Your Lawn

Spring cleaning is not limited to household chores only. Cleaning up your lawn after the winter season from remaining debris left by snow and winds can help in ensuring your family’s safety. It can also avoid accumulation of thatch, which can impede healthy growth of your grass. As grass resumes its growth after the snow melts, it would be best to inspect your lawn for potential lawn malady. You may need to consult a professional lawn care services provider to survey and inspect your lawn for any dangers and to properly identify the problem. The experts can help in giving you professional advice on the best type of fertilizer you need, weed control products and other treatments in order to make sure your lawn grows to be healthy and green all throughout the season.

Aerate your Soil

Aeration is actually the process where soil cores are removed from your lawn to help in improving air, nutrient, and water movement in the soil. Lawn aeration during spring and fall season can reduce soil compaction and can help in breaking down thatch. Soil compaction and thatch buildup can make your grass a lot more difficult to grow, as they tend to slow down water and air movement into the soil thus weakening the root system of your lawn.

Making Use of Weed Control Treatments and Fertilizers

Using fertilizer on plants is a major element in their growth and your lawn is not an exemption. Applying fertilizers to your lawn is very important especially to its root system. However, not all fertilizers can be applied to your lawn. You need the assistance of an expert lawn care service to know what type of fertilizer is applicable for the kind of grass you have on your property.

Another important element in your spring lawn care is to apply weed control treatments. Your turf should be inspected first to determine if there is weed growth early on. Lawn care specialists are well trained as to what kind of treatment is appropriate in your lawn. There are two basic types of weed control treatment. Pre-emergent weed control treatment thwarts young sprouts from growing in your lawn early on and keeping your turf weed-free without harming your already established lawn. Post-emergent weed control treatment on the other hand deals with weeds already sprouting up on your lawn.

Keep in mind that your purpose is to buoy up your lawn into its maximum root capacity and depth in order to prepare it for summer drought and heat. It is best to hire a reliable lawn care service provider for a perfectly maintained grass without weeds.