Organize office waiting room

Simple Tips for Organizing Your Office Waiting Room

Making your office clean and organized includes your office waiting room. There are times your clients, patients, or customers, need to wait for you so it is important that area is clean and fully organized to make a good impression. It is extremely essential to make sure those waiting are made welcome and comfortable while sitting and waiting for you. It can be a reflection of you and how you take care of the organization as a whole. Here are simple organizing tips you may take into consideration for your waiting room.

  1. Keep the waiting room comfortable. Invest in furnishings that are practical yet comfortable. The last thing you want to see is someone who seems to have had a bad experience waiting for you because of being uncomfortable while waiting.
  2. Most offices place carpets to keep the floor clean and to help in holding the noise level to a minimum. Basically, dark colors are preferable, as they tend to hide stains. They do, however, need to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly for the health and safety of people using the area.
  3. Place washable and practical wall coverings in designs that do not show wear. Beautify your waiting room by choosing a color pattern that is unique from other rooms in the office so people waiting to see you won’t get lost.
  4. Use incandescent lightings instead of fluorescent lights as most designers recommend, because they make it seem more homey. However, make sure that the room is well-lighted for reading and safety of those waiting.
  5. In hospitals, doctors prefer chairs rather than sofas. This is for the benefit of the sick and elderly who have difficulty in sitting down and getting up from a sofa or overstuffed chair. Chairs without fabric will be easier to clean which is important to help prevent germs from spreading. It is important that the furniture you choose should be comfortable and attractive but at the same time leave room for people to move around freely and with an appropriate amount of space between the seats. On the other hand, sofas are preferable in the financial industry. There is no fixed pattern when it comes to seating, it really depends on the preference of the organization.
  6. During the waiting periods, it helps if you would incorporate some form of diversion or entertainment so that people won’t easily get bored. For instance, provide a television so they can have something to take their minds off waiting. Set out some magazines to read and have good music in the background to keep their mind at ease.
  7. Hire a designer to make your office waiting room look more professional and appealing. Consider this as an investment that can benefit your organization for a long time.

It’s not only the environment that should be given importance but the receptionist section should be highly functional and attractive as well. The receptionist is the initial connection for your organization and can make or break the entire visit. Visitors should feel welcome through the smiles and friendly attitude of the office receptionist.

As much as possible make your waiting room a place where people know you care about their comfort. Waiting is never easy, but it can be pleasant given the right environment.