Preparing Your Baby’s Nursery

Tips on preparing and cleaning the nursery for your new bundle of joy

Your new bundle of joy is expected to come soon and you are very excited! You need to clean and prepare the nursery before the big day as you won’t have time to do that once your baby is born. Preparing the nursery in advance can keep you more relaxed and comfortable once it’s time to go home from the hospital with the baby. You may want to follow these cleaning tips and make your nursery room safe and peaceful for your precious child.

  1. Clean the room by dusting off dust and dirt, particularly in those little crevices and cracks where dirt often hides. Also, clean all your windows and wash the beddings so that no dust mites will harm your baby. If you have the budget, you may hire professional cleaners to make sure that everything in the nursery room is completely cleaned and sanitized.
  2. Babies can develop allergies when the air in the room is unclean, so make absolutely sure that the room’s air duct filters are totally cleaned.
  3. If you are renovating a room to make it a nursery, it is best to paint the walls for a newer and fresher look. Use your creativity in choosing the color paint you want. You can even choose a particular baby theme to add more fun and make it more enjoyable to look at.
  4. If you are living in a place with cooler weather, you may need to insulate windows to block out any flow of outside air.
  5. Since you want the nursery to be as safe and comfortable for your baby as it can be, make sure safety devices are put in place such as childproof lock and outlet covers. It will keep your mind at ease with these devices in place.
  6. When doing installation and assembly of all the nursery toys and equipment, make sure you do it properly and tightly so no harm can come to your child.
  7. Do some floor cleaning. You may want to place a carpet in the room for a quieter setting or if you prefer hardwood floors, just make sure they are always clean. Babies need to be in a quiet environment for them to have restful sleep and won’t be disturbed by too much noise. But as your baby gets to settle comfortably in the nursery start performing noisy tasks so he or she can sleep with noisier surroundings.
  8. Mommies usually place baby monitors inside the nursery so every time the baby makes a sound or cries, you can hear it. Likewise, thermometers, carbon monoxide alarm or smoke alarm can be put in place.
  9. Lastly, do not forget to put in the crib, as this is where the baby usually sleeps. Along with storage space for clothes put in a comfortable chair for you and the baby for feeding time. Wipe down all surfaces and wash all cushions to maximize the removal of germs.

Starting and keeping your nursery clean and germ free will help you enjoy your baby while both of you keep well.

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