After Holidays Organizing

Organizing After the Holidays

The occasion of Christmas time and New Year are definitely festive moments to commemorate annually. People have been busy shopping around buying gifts for friends and loved ones, going to parties here and there, endless cooking for the family, having reunions and so on. However, it is also during these occasions that it can get quite chaotic and messy especially with children receiving additional toys and items that can make your house feel cluttered and disorganized. This scenario can definitely get us stressed-out.

How to fix it? Well, you need clear-cut post holiday house cleaning and organizing techniques that can make your life feel less chaotic and more relaxed. This is the best way to make your home tidy again. Here are some tips that can help you in dealing with all the clutter and confusion brought about by the merriment of the previous occasions. It will require your time and effort to do them, but they will greatly help in your house organization.

  1. First thing is to put away all your holiday decorations and neatly place them on a shelving unit or in a storage box big enough to accommodate them all. Store them in your basement or garage if you are fortunate and have these out-of-the-home storage areas. You can label the containers for easy access for the next holidays to come. The best protection is found by storing items in plastic boxes with tight lids for safe keeping and protection from dampness, insects, and mice.
  2. Give away items you no longer use yet still may be useful to other people who may have a need for them. This is a win-win situation for you as you cannot just make other people happy but it can free up space in your house and make you and your family more comfortable.
  3. For your child’s toys, you can create a toy storage organization system. Does your child own a mountain of toys? Does your house look like a toy store? If your house can’t breathe anymore because of this you can use storage bins on easily assembled, plastic shelves. Put toys in bins, according to likeness such as cars, balls, blocks, building sets, doll clothes, etc. Items such as puzzles and art materials can be placed on shelves while large toys such as trucks, and “castles” can be placed on the floor nearby. Teach your children to put toys away when they are through playing with them. Having a “before bed” clean-up each night is a good way to keep your home feeling neat and less cluttered. You can give away toys your children no longer play with and help foster the idea of sharing with those less fortunate.
  4. Give your house a thorough clean-up. Now that you have put away all your decorations, kids’ toys and other holiday items, you are ready to clean up your house. Set up a cleaning schedule this January to clean your house. Don’t wait for spring cleaning; do it now. Starting the year with a clean and organized house will help you feel more refreshed and welcoming.

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