Organize Your Closets

Organize Your House, Organize Your Life Part 3

Oh those closets! Here’s how to easily organize your closets.

One of the most frequented and most used part of the house, particularly in the bedroom, is none other than our closet. This is the place where we store our clothes and other personal effects. We tend to neglect it at some point until such time as we realize our closet is so disorganized it is spilling over, making it difficult for us to find what we’re looking for. If you are in this situation, then it’s about time to organize your closet and do some closet cleaning chores fast! Here are some simple tips in organizing your closet.

  1. Empty your closet first and designate an area where you can temporarily put your clothes and personal effects. It can be your bed or your sofa and for your clothes that need to be hanged, you can use a collapsible clothes rack so you can sort easily. Begin your closet cleaning by starting with the hanging clothes. Decide what clothes fit you and set these aside.
  2. Go through your wardrobe that fits and see if you have unused or unwanted apparel. Place these items and items that no longer fit in front of your closet so you will easily see them to remind yourself they are to be given or thrown, away depending on their condition. An idea for clothes and accessories that are in good condition but no longer needed is to take them to a consignment shop. This will enable you to make some money so you can put new items in your newly organized and clean closet.
  3. Arrange your shoes in your closet and position them according to the variety of shoes you have like your sandals, boots, and sneakers or you can arrange them based on frequency of use. Select which pairs you want to keep and which ones you can give up. It is advisable to place your shoes, particularly those you use every day, outside the bedroom as they accumulates dirt and dust better not tracked into your sleeping area. Treat accessories such as handbags, scarves, hats, gloves, and belts in the same way, sorting for use and organizing for easy access.
  4. Closet cleaning also includes eliminating items that do not really belong inside your closet. One of the major issues of having clutter is the fact that inside the closet there are items like bathroom towels and other bathroom items that should be placed elsewhere. Put them in their rightful places to free up some closet space.
  5. Before putting your items back, you need to clean the entire closet from top to bottom or better yet, you can paint it for a more attractive and newer look.

In the event that despite all efforts on your part you still do not have enough time to do your house cleaning tasks, then it is time to ask for help. You can then hire a professional house cleaning services provider near your location and let them do the cleaning for you. House cleaning professionals are more adept in this kind of situation and they can usually do the cleaning much faster.

Once your closets are cleaned and organized you will feel more organized yourself and the time saved looking for items can be better spent on other tasks of greater interest.