Organize Your Office

Organize Your House; Organize Your Life Part 2

Work more efficient with an organized office.

When you are working in the office or at home, stress can definitely creep in and make you sick and wearisome and even worse, can lead to some serious health issues. However, much of this stress can be prevented and eliminated through proper office organization. Let’s say you are working from home but the clutter gets to be more than you can handle and is causing you to work slower. What can do you do about it? Accomplishing a thorough office cleaning and organizing is often the answer to reducing stress, as you are then able to work more efficiently and enjoy your working environment. Here are a few tips on how to makeover your home office into an efficient, enjoyable and well-organized work space.

Find the most ideal spot in your house for your office space. Before you perform your office cleaning, ask yourself if your present working space is really the most ideal spot in the house. Does it make you comfortable while working? If not, then maybe that is one factor that is making you stressed out in the first place. An office environment should be comfortable and site appropriate for one to be efficient and productive while working.

Your workplace should be ergonomically appropriate for you. Ergonomics is the science of people and machine relationships. A device should blend well with the person’s actions and body. For instance, a chair or table should correspond to your position or body while working and so with your computer. If you are seated in a chair that makes your legs feel stiff or if your office surfaces are not spacious enough for all your needs then it is not ergonomically suited for you look for a more comfortable chair and more surface space to fit your office needs. Also, don’t put anything under your work area so you can stretch your legs more freely.

Remove “baggage” you have in your office. Office cleaning should include removing items not related to your work and storing or placing them in another area. This could include books, random pieces of paper, other family member’s belongings or even pieces of clothing. Too much clutter can slow down your work and you may have the tendency to misplace some important documents due to a disorganized area. Having less can give you freedom to work more.

Make use of shelves to store your office reference books and other important documents. Another must-do for your office organizing is to re-arrange your references by putting them on a shelf for easy access rather than just putting them on your work space. Return items to their proper places each time they are used to continue an organized and efficient environment.

These are just some of the office cleaning tips that may help you to be more efficient and productive in your chosen work. Always keep in mind that having a clean and tidy working environment not only benefits you physically and mentally but can make your life more rewarding and productive as well.