Cleaning Window Blinds

Oh Those Dirty Blinds

Window blinds are not the easiest item to clean and keep clean. Try these ideas to make the chore easier.

One household chore that is dreaded by homeowners is cleaning dirty window blinds. Whether they are vinyl, fabric, aluminum, wood, or faux blinds, most of us dislike cleaning them. Let’s face it, it is time consuming and tiresome and you don’t even know if you are cleaning them the right way. Blinds are very important as they provide privacy to your home from the outside world, they allow you to control the light from entering the room, and of course, they provide a decorative touch and added appeal and beauty to your rooms. So, what do you do to clean your window blinds and keep them clean the right way?. You may find these ideas helpful.

Wood Window Blinds

Use a damp cloth doused in vinegar when wiping your wood blinds. Vinegar can cut get rid of the dirt and even grease because of its natural antimicrobial properties. Wipe your blinds right away to avoid discoloration and warping. Then, apply wood conditioner to protect your blinds from sun damage.

Faux Wood Window Blinds

Using the same method in cleaning wood blinds, use a damp cloth with vinegar to clean your faux wood blinds and wipe them dry immediately to prevent discoloration and warping. However, omit the application of wood conditioner. In its place, after cleaning your blinds, apply a fabric softener sheet on each slat to prevent buildup of dust and dirt.

Vinyl and Aluminum Window Blinds

Vinyl and aluminum window blinds are quite easy to clean if done regularly, but dust that has been left for a while on your blinds will be a lot harder to remove. Better to clean them regularly by using a wet rag, or a microfiber cloth, duster, or wet rag to wipe the blinds to remove dust. If your blinds haven’t been cleaned for months or years, you need to take some time off to devote a day or two to clean them. You will need to clean the top and bottom of each slat by hand washing them and by using wet wipes, which are perfect for trapping dirt and dust.

Fabric Window Blinds

There are different types of fabric window blinds, which include cellular, roller, roman, and pleated fabric. Clean the blinds with the vacuum cleaner’s dust brush. And, to lessen the risk of damaging the blinds, set your vacuum to a low setting only. Another cleaning alternative is to use a blow dryer on cool setting. Blow dry all those dust or bugs trapped in the rolls, creases, or honeycombs. For stained fabric blinds, simply moisten a microfiber cloth and take away the stains. You can use a fabric detergent for stubborn stains. Allow the blinds to dry completely before using them again.

It doesn’t matter what type of blinds you own, what matters is that you should never take them for granted and just leave them without cleaning. Keep in mind the health of your family, especially when someone is allergic to dust. Also, cleaning them regularly can enhance the blinds’ durability, which can save you money over time.