Conquer Office Clutter

Office Clutter? Here’s How to Conquer That Clutter!

Getting tired of a cluttered office desk? Well, fret not! There is a solution to this problem. Whether your desk is at home or in the office, it should be organized and clean and not a chaotic mountain of papers and odds and ends. Having a messy office desk can make you stressful instead of being productive. Too much time and energy is spent on finding documents because of the pile up.

Here are some pointers to help you in organizing and cleaning up your office and in maintaining a productive environment.

  1. There’s a place for everything. As you get your office desk de-cluttered, always remember that everything has its own place. Every office supply needs to be put in its proper place. For your computer, determine if you need to toss it, act on it or retain it. and place your emails and computer files, for easy access in different folders according to their category. Delete them if they have no use for you anymore in order to clear up some space. As your emails come in, you can immediately save to a file, or read and reply right away, or delete them if you feel that there is no need to keep them.
  2. Have the right office tools where you can keep your files. It is necessary that you need to clear your office table of paper build up and pertinent documents. Put them in filing boxes, filing crates, or filing cabinets whichever you prefer, as long as you place them in an upright position in order for you to locate the files you need quickly. Make sure you have a filing system that is applicable to your particular needs. It is also advised that the files you frequently use are near your work area so you access them right away. Old files can be stored in a different storage room.
  3. Save on paper. Nowadays, offices practice paperless environment. Going paperless actually means saving on printing costs, power cut-down, labor savings, being eco-friendly, and a whole lot more. You can save your documents in your computer instead of printing them but be sure to have a hard copy for files that are irreplaceable in case of electrical outage, virus, or hacking.
  4. Relocate electronics off your table. Your router, modem, battery backup, etc. should not be placed on top of your office desk as it can contribute to clutter. Keep those wires and devices away from your desk and organize them.
  5. Have a daily routine. Before going home daily, make it a habit to tidy up your desk and return everything in its proper place. Doing so can allow you to work more freely and continue to be productive the next day.
  6. Place a trashcan nearby. Every office desk should have its own trash can nearby so that it will be easy to eliminate throw away as they occur.

So, to make your job more rewarding, being productive is the key. Having a clean office can essentially keep your mind focused on more important things such as giving your best to your job and doing it with enthusiasm.

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