Keeping Your Baby’s Nursery Germ Free

Keeping Your Baby’s Nursery Germ Free

Babies are very susceptible to many germs. Here’s how to keep those nasty germs under wraps.

Having a baby is a joyous event especially for first time moms. Mothers generally want their nursery rooms clean and attractive but keeping them that way can be harder than you think it is. As your baby inevitably makes a mess in the nursery, it can’t be helped that you really need to keep up with changing the diapers, and changing the bedding of the crib including the blankets and mattresses covers. Since babies are very vulnerable to germs, it is best to keep your nursery room germ free and flawlessly clean. Making sure that your baby’s room is germ free takes effort and a lot of help from your partner, other family members, and some helpful tips done by moms like you.

Make yourself a hygiene station. You may place a hygiene tray near the changing area with paper towels, antibacterial gel, or hand sanitizer. See to it that your hands are clean before and after changing your baby as protection from germs and to keep you from contaminating the nursery surfaces.

Find a good waste container for your baby’s dirty laundry and diapers. Buy a disposal waste basket that can seal the odor of used diapers, so that no germs or bacteria are left behind. You can invest in a cloth diaper storage organizer if you prefer using cloth diapers. Also, you need to wash separately your baby’s dirty laundry in hot water to kill germs and prevent them from spreading in your other laundry.

Check hot spots where germs are usually thriving. Since your baby is susceptible to germs and bacteria, it is a must that you clean the nursery, especially those areas where germs flourish. If you have no time to do deep cleaning, a speedy wipe down using a disinfectant wipe can be very effective in getting rid of germs on your laundry hampers, changing table, and other areas highly susceptible to germ accumulation.

Change the bedding of your child’s crib. See to it that you change the bedding once a week at the very least. Keep in mind that baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to skin irritations and allergies due to germs, in this case dust mites from dirty bedding. Even if the bedding seems clean, do not be too content, as minor leaks from diapers and drool can cause germ build-up without you knowing it. You need to wash bedding thoroughly in hot water for your child’s health and safety.

Sterilize your child’s toys daily. Babies generally explore by putting toys in their mouth so it is very important to sanitize them first using a disinfectant and rinse with water. This is to protect your toddlers from possible illnesses.

De-clutter. It’s as simple as 123. Keep your baby’s room clean and organized. Keep a storage box or organizer to put your child’s clothes in. Low shelves are best for toys, which can be separated by type in small containers and placed on the shelves. This makes it easy for little children to reach their toys for play and then put them away. It also avoids “dumping” all the toys from a toy box, which just makes a big mess and often breaks the toys. . Make sure that everything is in its proper place when playtime is done.

Keep the nursery floor clean. Toddlers crawl on the floor most of the time, so it means that it should be totally clean and germ-free. The same is true if your nursery is carpeted. Vacuuming should be done regularly to prevent dust mites from lingering.

Both you and your baby will enjoy life together much more when the nursery is kept clean and organized.

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