Lawn Care

It’s That Time of Year When Your Lawn is Taking Off

Here are 10 tips to keep up with and have a beautifully manicured lawn!

Every homeowner wants to have perfectly cut, healthy, well maintained, and attractive green grass right in front of their home and office. Also, the first thing a guest or visitor sees is the lawn, which somehow reflects the character of the homeowner by the way the exterior of the house and surroundings are taken care of. Keeping the lawn clean can be a tedious task, as you have to weed, aerate, mow, and treat the soil altogether, especially during this time of year when your lawn is taking off. If you have the time to do all of the above for your lawn then that’s fine, but if you simply do not have the energy, patience, and time to care for your lawn then it’s best to ask the help of experts like a lawn care services provider. These professionals can help you restore your lawn into a beautifully manicured lawn and keep it that way.

Here are some tips to help you keep up with and have a well-manicured lawn all year round if you want to do it yourself.

  1. Mow your lawn regularly and keep it at a reasonable height. Clip your grass to remove any hiding places for lawn pests. This will also keep your grass under control.
  2. Water your lawn two to three times a week during warmer season or months and every ten to fourteen days during winter. Cut back on your watering schedule during rainy months as excess water could result in insect infestation and turf disease.
  3. Fertilizers help in keeping the nutritional equilibrium of your lawn.
  4. Make use of insecticides to control attack of pests, but use it with care and caution, as they contain harsh chemicals that may have adverse effects on your health.
  5. Consider planting an eco-friendly lawn
  6. You may hire a gardener to take care of your garden. But if you want more professional help, it is still best to hire a lawn care services
  7. If you have children or pets who frequently play in the yard, try to get them to play in one area only, so they will not wear out the other areas in your lawn.
  8. Use lawn care products that are environmentally friendly so as not to harm the soil.
  9. After you have cleaned and refurbished your lawn, you may well have to reseed some parts, specifically those that are brown or bare.

For a more exquisite look, you may hire a lawn care services team of experts. They study your lawn and analyze its strengths and weaknesses, even the type of soil and grass and the density of the turf. The team then comes up with a program to address the needs of your specific lawn. Lawn care services have their own landscape professionals that are well-trained and skilled on how to analyze, treat, and transform your grass into a beautifully manicured lawn. And equally important, an excellent lawn care service can keep your lawn looking its best all year long.