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How to Properly Clean a Glass Top Stove Without Damaging It

For most homes and families the stove is often times the center and focal point of the kitchen. Its the primary tool used daily to feed hungry families all times of the day.
Glass topped stoves, in particular, are the sleek, stylish and modern. Glass top stoves are the new standard and most newly designed kitchens will host one. The Glass top is considered to be the best looking stoves by far but there is a bit of a trade-off since they tend to be difficult to clean. There a few well-known steps to take when caring and cleaning these tops properly which we will highlight here. First, we are going to take a look at the root of the problem.

The combination of food and high heat is never going to be clean and easy. Some of the most common problems are burn rings, stains, residual oils, burnt plastic, burnt food, scratches, the list goes and the causes vary in degree depending on how much traffic the stove top is getting day to day. The infamous black rings around burners, for instance, are commonly caused by incremental left over oils gathering and burning into a solid. Sometimes soups or broths can boil over and leave small food debris that burns and collects over time. While cooking on your glass its important to keep on eye these types of things and understand what parts of your cooking exactly are the causes and need attention to prevent future problems.

The best method for cleaning is prevention on the spot when possible. Sometimes this is not feasible though because of many reasons. A quick wipe of a spill done safely with regards to the hot surface can help if you’re comfortable with it. It can be dangerous with a hot surface and is generally recommended to just do your best to avoid spillage or mess while working with a hot stove. Many expert homemakers and house cleaners will tell you to never clean a glass top when it is hot.

There are many different approaches to cleaning a glass top stove but the most common way to do it with proper care and attention is a simple multiple step process. First your wipe down with vinegar. Leave some vinegar on the surface and cover with baking soda. Next Take a cloth, towel, or cleaning rag; wet and scrub down the glass.
Scrape and Wipe down the surface and then wipe and polish down. This is the simplest and most direct method that will alleviate most glass top stove worries. There are more powerful cleaners and odorants you can employ as well and some have associated directions for use, but the best home grown method is vinegar, water, and baking soda with a rag and a simple scraper.