Tips for Seniors When Housekeeping

Housekeeping Strategies for Seniors

Entering the golden or sometimes referred to as the sliver years happens to everyone as he or she moves through the seasons of life. While it is sometimes difficult to accept the changes that come naturally with aging, it is helpful to do so. Even a person with good health will find there are some tasks more difficult to accomplish as time marches on. And, some of these tasks involved in keeping a home neat and clean and safe are tasks which take more time and are harder to complete successfully. Here are some ideas to help a senior stay independent in the area of housekeeping:

The cleaning set-up comes first. It is best to have necessary cleaning supplies located in an easy to reach the place, a place where bending or high reaching isn’t required to gather these items. Find a cupboard or shelf in the kitchen and bathroom where cleaning supplies can be kept at arm’s reach. Make sure containers have tops that are easily removed and the type of bottom that will not tip over and spill easily. Keep a roll of paper towels handy as they are great for quick clean-ups and spills. Use a lightweight vacuum for rugs and a battery-operated sweeper for floors. The less equipment you have to bend over and plug in, the better. Hand-held portable sweepers are great for small jobs and can be kept on a counter for easy access. Use pre-treated cleaning cloths for dusting to avoid having to spray, which can irritate sinuses and lungs. Pre-treated cleaning cloths for wiping walls, woodwork, and appliances are also helpful.

When and how to clean is important when you are a senior. It is best to clean in small increments, a little each day to keep your home clean as you go. Clean when you are rested. Always put away cleaning supplies as soon as you finish cleaning to prevent clutter and help keep your home attractive. Be realistic as to what kinds of cleaning you are can do safely and ask for help with jobs not suited to your ability level. Striping and waxing a floor, for example, is best done by a professional or a younger person. Wear gloves when using hot water or chemicals as aging skin is sensitive and can become irritated and blister easily. Be careful, too, not to breathe in caustic cleaning chemicals as lungs can damage more easily as a person ages.

Safety tips: At no time should you climb a ladder or chair. Using a small step-stool carefully is fine as long as you don’t have dizzy spells or poor balance. Be sure to leave window washing to someone younger except for low windows. Make sure if water or liquid is spilled during cleaning, it is dried up right away to avoid slipping and falling. You can take paper towels and slide them around with your foot to soak up any spills. Using a pick-up grabber is a great help when cleaning as you can attach a cloth to clean under areas such as cabinets and behind toilets. The grabber will also pick up most clutter, so you don’t have to bend over. A final warning, don’t pick up or try to move heavy items as older backs, shoulders, and hips can easily be pulled out of place.

The best advice for seniors is to have a professional cleaning service clean their home. If you live in Ocala, Florida, or surrounding areas, Cassie’s Meticulous Touch has been in the cleaning business successfully since 2000. You can call (352) 216-0513 for a free estimate and to learn how beneficial and economical it is to have your home professionally cleaned.