Green Tips Part 3

Green Tips Part 3

Here’s 5 more tips to ensure an environmentally safe cleaning for your home

A lot of people think the only way to clean the house is by buying cleaning solutions that contain chemicals, not realizing the harmful effects they can cause to their family, especially their children. Fortunately, Mother Earth has endowed us with all the essential ingredients to help keep our homes clean the natural way without poisoning the environment or ourselves. For a safe house cleaning process, here are a few more natural tips for a better and cleaner environment for you and your family.

  1. White vinegar is probably the most understated item we have in the kitchen. Many homeowners use vinegar for cooking purposes only, little do they know this simple product is actually a very effective natural form of disinfectant and deodorizer. This safe, house cleaning item can be used as an all-purpose cleaner when mixed with hot water to clean your floors, carpets, windows, walls, and kitchen appliances like microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator. It can take away the unpleasant smell of cigarettes just by leaving it in a bowl inside the room. Not only is it effective but very affordable too.
  2. Another safe house cleaning item is the lemon fruit. Instead of using expensive cleaners and detergents to keep your home fresh and shiny, take advantage of this humble citrus fruit. Being a natural substance, this yellow fruit is an eco-friendly cleaning agent that works as an antioxidant. Lemon juice can be used to clean the dishes, polish hardwood floors and furniture, disinfect kitchen surfaces, dissolve hard water deposits and soap scum, and eliminate mold and mildew.
  3. An effective odor buster is baking soda. A natural deodorizer, it is useful in a lot of ways in keeping your home clean and fresh. Baking soda inside the fridge is a good absorber of strong food odors so smells won’t linger and affect other foodstuffs. To rinse fruits and veggies, simply mix water and baking soda to remove dirt. It can also freshen food containers, clean counter tops, microwaves, stainless sinks, cooking utensils, and range hoods. It’s a great natural cleaner for your carpets and upholstery, pet bed, toys, and dirty stuffed animals.
  4. Olive oil is also considered a safe house cleaning item in place of using harsh detergents that may take away the beauty of your furniture, floors, and other delicate possessions. A great alternate for cleaning wood floors and polishing furniture, olive oil can make them as shiny as before, without any toxins added. Olive oil can add shine to your stainless steel appliances as well as prevent your wicker and rattan furniture from cracking.
  5. When mixed with baking soda, hydrogen peroxide can be an effective non-toxic cleaning solution to remove mineral deposits from your tea or coffee kettles. Simply mix these two ingredients to form a paste, and then use the paste to take away stubborn grease and stains on your stove top and fridge, or in your toilet bowl. Hydrogen peroxide can clean most types of floors by mixing it with 1 gallon of hot water.

All these safe house cleaning natural substances are easy to use and very much affordable. However, if you think you are too busy to do a thorough cleaning by yourself, then it is best to hire a professional house cleaning services. Just be sure the company you hire uses environmentally safe cleaning products and air fresheners.

Please do come back next week for Part 4.