Green Cleaning Part 2

Green Tips Part 2

Here are 5 tips to ensure an environmentally safe cleaning for your home

Keeping your family safe, healthy, and protected comes in various forms and one way of doing it is by making sure your house is entirely clean in order to prevent germs and bacteria from causing ailments and allergies to members of your household. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming health conscious and are switching to eco-friendly or green products. Many homeowners now prefer environmentally safe house cleaning services for their family.

But is it possible to make your house clean using nature friendly products without any toxic chemicals in it? It is possible as many house cleaning companies are already using environmentally safe house cleaning products to clean their clients’ home. They use non-toxic cleaning agents that are more affordable, highly effective, and have no harmful effects to humans or animals.

Here are some tips that may help you in cleaning your house using environmentally safe cleaning techniques.

  • One effective way to ensure that dirt and dust do not accumulate inside your house is to keep things organized. Keep your food, dishes, and paperwork in cupboards, closed containers, and cabinets. Make sure the surfaces are free from cooking splatters, residues, and dust. In order to maximize efficiency           work from the top down. Start dusting from the highest area in a room, moving down to the lowest point, and finish by vacuuming.
  • You can make cleaning detergents out of natural home products found in your kitchen. Baking soda, vinegar, and water are among those things that make a great cleaning detergent. If combined to make a solution you can clean just about anything in your home. You may also use lemon juice, cornstarch, borax, isopropyl alcohol, salt, and soaps that are plant-derived for cleaning and getting rid of grime.
  • When freshening and cleaning your home, do it in a natural way that is by not buying over-the-counter air fresheners. Instead use herbs or boiled cinnamon to freshen the air. Plants can also be a substitute in filtering indoor air – almost any green leafy plant will do it.
  • Another environmentally safe house cleaning tip is by replacing your toxic cleaning products and throwing them out carefully. But don’t throw them in your drainage as they might go back to your water supply.
  • Don’t enter your house with your shoes on, leave them at the door. Our shoes accumulate a lot of dirt including animal waste, dust, oil, and pollen, just to name a few. Place a doormat at the door with slippers for indoor use so that all dirt stays outside, preventing further bacteria buildup. Less dirt means less sweeping of floors, less mopping and vacuuming, and less work for you.

These are just some examples of how you can effectively get rid of dirt inside your home in a natural way. Just in case you cannot do all these by yourself, you may seek professional help from a house cleaning services, as they are more adept in performing environmentally safe house cleaning than most homeowners. Professional cleaners know exactly what green cleaning products to use.

Please do come back next week for Part 3.