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Germs and More Germs Everywhere! – Part 4

How to combat germs in your office space

We are always reminded time and again to wash our hands regularly to keep us from illness. However, most of us do not really follow this simple rule or we’re just too busy to care, especially in the office. People use the office washroom and touch the surface areas many times every single day. They rub their nose, cough, and sneeze then touch the door handles. Same scenario goes on in the actual workplace where people come and go. Additionally they use office phones, coffee pots, refrigerators, and microwaves while not aware of the impending danger to their health and safety. Because of the chaotic environment within the workplace, people seem to forget that germs and more germs accumulate in there and can make them sick in the process.

Keeping a healthy and safe working environment is a must if you want your employees to be more productive in doing their tasks and keep your clients protected from any illness they can get from your office. This will require regular office cleaning by hiring professional office cleaning services or janitorial services. Well, they can help a lot in preventing the germs from coming back, but no matter what they do, if you, as an employee in the office, do not do your share in keeping the workplace clean, then it will be useless. Here are some effective tips you can do to keep your office space clean and hygienic.

Keep a hand sanitizer in your desk for your everyday use. You need to have a hand sanitizer in the office for everyday use and for hygienic purposes. When you touch things that you feel are dirty, be sure to use them. Before and after you eat in the cafeteria, be sure to use a sanitizer to avoid any germs that may have lingered on your hands.

Daily use anti-bacterial wipes when wiping your desk or any other office items. Do not be content that professional cleaners are cleaning your desk regularly. It is still important that you clean your desk and other office items such as fax machines, copiers, scanners or phones by using anti-bacterial wipes just to make doubly sure there are no germs hiding.

Offer your clients separate writing pens rather than offering yours. Make sure you give your clients new pens for writing documents since yours can be already contaminated already with germs. As much as possible, keep your office items private.

Refrain from putting your pen in your mouth or any other office items such as rubber bands, paper clips, or even papers as you are transferring the germs from those items to your mouth and can also pass your germs on to other employees who might use these items.

Stay home when you are sick. Although your work is very important, your health and your co-worker’s health are even more important. When sick, just stay home, so that you won’t be infecting the others from catching flu or whatever virus you’re infected with. Also you will recover faster if you stay home so you can get back to the office sooner.

Common courtesy requires each person using the office and office related space such as bathrooms and employee lounges to take a few minutes to practice “germ control”. Keep personal items clean and wipe multi-use areas frequently with anti-bacterial wipes. Cover your mouth when you sneeze and keep sickness at home. No one wants to be sick and keeping germs away from the office is an important way to help all employees and clients stay well.