Dusting Knick Knacks is a Dreaded Task

Dusting Knick Knacks is a Dreaded Task

Here are some tips and tricks to making the job easier

We all know how that cleaning every nook and cranny around your house is a very difficult and challenging task. All the mopping, dusting, and buffing amounts to really burdensome work. Given the situation, if cleaning and dusting your house is already tedious, it is more tedious if you are dusting knick knacks? Well, fret no more! There is a solution to this and here are some tips and tricks to help you in making the job easier.

It can be a super hassle and tiresome activity when dusting delicate knick knacks. BUT it is a MUST. You can use a soft paintbrush or a clean makeup brush in order to make sure there are no streaks or scratches on your cherished possessions. You may also use dusting spray but it has to be applied a few feet away from the object as some objects may be more sensitive than the others to dusting spray. Your old toothbrush can also be a good choice as a cleaning tool for your not so sensitive small objects.

Dust appropriately

Know the correct direction when dusting your things because it will just be a wasted effort if you don’t know the right way to do it. Additionally, dusting should start from the top so dust won’t fall on the cleaned area afterward. Dusting should be done in a spiral direction, clockwise, or counterclockwise, to make absolutely sure that every part and corner has been dusted off.

Use microfiber cloth

When dusting, most people use a microfiber cloth because of its high absorption features, making it last longer. What’s more, it attracts dust easily because it is electrostatically charged. It makes dusting your knick knacks more convenient and easy to do. A microfiber cloth leaves no streak or scratch on the surfaces of your belongings.

Some other great alternatives for dusting your precious small items is using toothpicks, cotton swabs and cotton balls. Since they are small and thin, they are great for reaching cracks and crevices. Simply dip in alcohol to remove the dust from your smallest items.

Hair blower

Yes, your ever reliable hair blower can be a good duster for your knick knacks. Socks and old pantyhose are similarly effective as dusting tools. Instead of spending money on expensive cleaning supplies, you can just use an old pair of socks. Wear them on your hands or hold them as you carefully get rid of the dust.

Lastly, get your empty squirt bottles and let them work by spraying air to blow off stubborn dust.

It doesn’t have to be complicated and troublesome when dusting off your adored little objects. All you need is a creative mind and the determination to keep your entire house flawlessly clean and organized.