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Do You Have VCT Tiles In Your Place of Business?

Keeping up with the buffing and waxing can impact how your clients feel when they walk into your office.

Vinyl Composition Tile, also known as VCT is a tile created using vinyl colored PVC (polyvinyl chloride) chips produced through heat and pressure and formed into modular shapes such as 12” squares or rectangles. The VCT tile is commonly used in commercial establishments especially for high traffic areas, not only because of its affordability but also because of its durability over some other tile flooring. It is known for its resiliency to abrasion and damage and can be preserved by buffing and waxing using mechanical buffing equipment and chemical strippers. Needless to say, if you want your VCT floors to look more attractive and appealing and so create a positive impact on your clients when they walk into your office, you need a reputable and reliable office cleaning service provider to do the job of caring for your floors.

Having clean floors can create a major impact on your business. VCT tile floors can be considered an expensive investment and this means you need to take care of them and make sure they are well maintained. Clean floors mean a healthy working environment for your employees and can leave a lasting positive impression on your customers, business associates, and visitors.

Although VCT floors are resilient and long-lasting, it does not mean they are off the hook from wear and tear, scratches, or dirt and dust. Just like any floor they need proper maintenance, particularly because they usually are subjected to daily, heavy traffic. Daily mopping of your office floors would not completely remove scuffmarks, but regular spray buffing and waxing can keep these scratches at bay. In order to do that, what you need is help from the experts.

An office cleaning service provider has the necessary expertise, knowledge, and equipment to extend the life of your VCT tiles. Making use of the right cleaning solution and products can significantly help bring about an enhanced floor appearance at potentially lower rates.

Basically, the cleaning service team removes your floor’s wax, which has built-up from regular maintenance. A new wax finish is applied and then buffed. Depending on the amount of traffic your floor suffers, it is best to periodically have your VCT tile floors completely stripped and new wax applied. Generally, most office cleaning service providers utilize premium commercial floor polish to help lessen scratches or scuff marks, lengthen the life of your VCT floors, and protect against abrasion and soil penetration. This will prove economical over time, as your floors will not need a complete redoing so often.

Imagine if your office floor is not buffed and waxed on a regular basis. It can definitely look dirty, dull, unhealthy and unattractive to employees and clients, giving it an unprofessional look. The benefit you get from a professional cleaning service is on a long-term basis. Because of the lasting effect of maintenance done by these professionals, staff productivity and income generation are improved due to an attractive and clean working environment.