Cleaning Those Forgotten Places in Your Home

Cleaning Those Forgotten Places in Your Home

Cleaning is something most people would rather not do, and yet it must be done. Even if you are fortunate to have a professional cleaning service to the majority of your cleaning there are often “forgotten places,” which will still need to be cleaned. You probably only need to clean these areas once every month or two, but it is important not to leave them “undone” too long. Walking through a home lets look at what these forgotten areas might be:

Overall: the tops of doors, windowsills, baseboards, and picture frames need to wipe clean with a soft cloth wrung out in a solution of soapy water. A cleaning chemical solution can be used but be sure to test the area first to make sure the chemical doesn’t remove paint or other types of finish.

Additionally, doors sometimes have decorative ridges that tend to collect dirt. This especially applies to doors connecting to the outside and both sides of the doors should be wiped clean. Baseboards, particularly behind furniture and in bathrooms and kitchens, may need a mild abrasive such as baking soda to remove sticky material on their top.

Living areas such as living room, family room, dining room, and offices: These areas usually contain a fair amount of furniture which needs to be vacuumed and or wiped down depending on the surface materials. The items should be moved occasionally or at least cleaned under as dust bunnies love to hide there. Knick knacks need to be dusted as well of tops of books kept on shelves. Electronic devices should be wiped down with special clothes designed for that purpose. If children’s toys are kept in these areas, they should be wiped down with a germ-killing cloth. Stuffed animals and pillows, if washable, should be washed. If they cannot be washed, put them in the dryer on air setting for about l5 minutes to at least remove the dust.

Bedrooms: Here, the difficult problem is the beds. Depending on the flooring, rug or no rug, under the beds should be vacuumed and when possible, clean with a damp mop. Furniture such as dressers, chairs, and bookshelves need to be wiped down with a damp cloth or soft cloth treated with a dust-catching chemical. Many beds have fancy head and footboards with areas that trap dust and need to be cleaned as well.

Kitchen: This area often has the most areas that are forgotten when routine cleaning is done. Under the sink is overlooked. Everything should be removed, wiped down, and the area under the sink thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Putting a moisture absorbing chemical under the sink will help keep things stored there moisture free and fresh. The top of the refrigerator is another place where dust and grime collect. When cupboards do not connect with the ceiling, their tops need to be wiped clean as well. If possible, move stoves and refrigerators out to clean under them; it is amazing what collects there.

Bathroom: Often, a small room, this room also has hidden areas. Under the sink here, as in the kitchen, needs cleaning. The area behind the toilet, including any tubing or pipes, needs a good wipe-down with a disinfectant cloth. Behind and under dirty laundry baskets, wastebaskets, and other free-standing items are places where dust and lint collect and should be moved and wiped clean as well as the floor where they are located. Towel bars, shower curtain holders, and the tops of shower stalls need cleaning too.

All the above seems like a lot of work but it needs to be done. A good way is to tackle one area every few weeks so that you don’t get discouraged. Also, you will find if you keep up with the cleaning, it won’t take long as there won’t be a lot of dirt and grime build-up. Having a clean home makes for enjoyable living as well as keeping germs and allergens at bay.