Robot vacuums and their features

A Robot Vacuum? What is All the Hype?

Here’s a brief description of what a robot vacuum can do and a comparison of the different brands.

What is a Robot Vacuum and Why You Need One?
What comes to your mind if someone mentions a robot vacuum? It is not the usual robot that you have in mind. We are living in the modern age and we have robots doing most of our jobs – drones that navigate the sky, cars can drive themselves, and robot vacuums that pick-up dirt and can find their way around the furniture. Its main job is to keep an area clean.

Robot vacuum has its own charging docks and can charge itself. Place the dock in an area where the robot can access it and it will return on its own before it runs out of energy. It will remain on the dock until it has enough energy to continue from where it left off. Another amazing feature of robot vacuum is that you can schedule the bot to wake up and start the job on its own, which means it can do the cleaning even when you are out.

A robot vacuum is designed not to replace the standard vacuum or a deep house cleaning. However, it can help pick up things such as hair, food crumbs, dust bunnies, cat litter and other dense particles that are left behind on the floors. You schedule to run your robot vacuum as often as you like. If you have a family member allergic to dust, you can find robot vacuums with built-in HEPA filters.

Choosing the Right Robot Vacuum
If you browse Amazon to check out what brand of robot vacuum to buy, you will have a hard time deciding which one to choose. Reading product reviews and customer’s testimonies can help you pick the right one. To help you choose we have mentioned here some brands that you may consider buying.

If you are living in an apartment or townhomes, the robot vacuum that we can recommend to you is the Eufy RoboVac 11. The Samsung Powerbot, on the other hand, is ideal for areas up to 2,000 square feet. It is best to consider the size of your home when buying a robot vacuum.

You also need to check whether the robot vacuums can fit under your furniture or not. The Dyson 360 Eye can fit more than four inches tall. Therefore, it can fit most beds and dressers as compared to other models. If your furniture is just three inches tall, you can choose the Shark Ion Robot, it can navigate even into tight spaces.

If you are looking for floor-cleaning robots specializing in sweeping and mopping, iRobot Braava Jet can do that. This type of robot cannot pick up debris and dirt, but they can make your hardwood floors shiny. Some brands like Bobi Pet and Bobsweep Plus have mop attachments.

For budget-conscious homeowners, you can buy a robot vacuum for as low as $300 like the iLife V3 and Eufy Robovac 11 but you won’t be able to access fancy features like app connectivity.

Robot vacuum is such a great help to many homeowners. The best feature we like about the robot vacuum is its ability to go under the furniture and go around small areas easily. Owners of this cleaning device enjoy the many benefits it can provide.

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