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A Bathroom Cleaning Checklist From The Experts

If there is one room in the house that has changed the destiny of humanity in a major way, it is clear that the bathroom is a spectacular candidate. It is a room of the home that we require so much from and rely so very heavily on for many important things. The bathroom can be considered the source of civility in modern day life, and for that reason, cleaning is of the utmost importance. A comprehensive and routine clean of the bathroom is the key to a happy and healthy lifestyle. In this article, we will go over a comprehensive checklist for each aspect of cleaning the bathroom

Anyone with kids or a messy spouse knows that for some reason the bathroom seems to be the home’s natural hamper. So to get busy cleaning, you should always handle the linens first. Make sure to pick up all towels, mats, and stray clothing to clear yourself a space to work. Laundering all these things is important too, so make sure to throw them in the wash before you get started. Replacing the linens with freshly cleaned ones always makes the bathroom a cleaner place.

A lot of professional cleaners will tell you to start simple and work your way up to get a rhythm going. The sink and vanity is a place that gets a lot of use. It might see daily tidying due to that heavy use, so it’s probably one of the smaller and easy to clean spots in the bathroom. The faucets should be handled more often to prevent the spread of germs and remember to wipe down any exposed sides of the vanity. Multi-purpose cleaners work well on vanities. Then organize your products neatly under or over the vanity area.

After the vanity is taken care of you can move right to the mirror. Always start from the top and work your way down as you clean the mirror. Use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the best results. Make sure to get the outside edges even if they look clean. And don’t forget to store your toothbrush elsewhere when spraying.

Generally, you can move right on to the toilet. Cleaning the toilet is easy with the use of some bleach, a handled scrubber, and a rag. You can easily wipe down the outside and base with the bleach and rag and use the scrubber for the inside. The best method also uses the blue leave-in cleaner in the bowl too.

After the sink vanity and the toilet, you can move to the shower. Here you’ll need some soap scum, or bathroom tile cleaner specifically. Rough Scrub pads are important to cleaning success in the shower as well as a magic eraser for those tough stains. Use the hot water from the shower itself for self-cleaning and easy cleanup.

Next comes the floor but you’ll want to make sure the ceiling vent is dusted first if you have one so you can clean any fallen material while doing the floor. Most bathrooms have a small floor area and are easily cleaned by hand using rags and proper cleaners. The only thing to watch out for is the hidden areas behind the toilets. Also, check the edges of toe kicks near the bottom of vanities. Finally be sure to dust and wipe down any wall art, décor, or light fixtures.

A clean bathroom can make a home feel healthy and pleasant. And, when cleaning is done on a regular basis the job isn’t too difficult or time-consuming.