valentine gift card

Valentine’s Day is Almost Here!

Give the Gift of Time; a Cleaning Service Gift Card!

Giving your time and spending it for a loved one is one of the most important gifts you can possibly offer, especially this coming Valentine’s Day. Another unique and perfect gift that your loved one would genuinely appreciate is a Gift Card for office cleaning and house cleaning service. Nowadays, most of us have little or no time at all to clean the house because of our very busy schedule. The same goes for business owners who tend to focus more on the business side of their responsibilities than tending to office surroundings. With that in mind, it would be very beneficial and helpful for your loved ones in that predicament to be presented a gift such as a Gift Card for house cleaning and/or office cleaning.

Cassie’s Meticulous Touch offers cleaning service gift cards to customers who wish to give their loved ones a unique gift this Valentine season. They will be treated to an excellent and flawless cleaning service, skillfully done by a team of professional cleaners. These gift certificates come in different amounts from which you can choose, ranging from USD5 to USD1000. However, if you wish to buy an amount other than what is offered, you may contact Cassie’s at 1-352-216-0513.

Within two to three business days the gift cards will be sent via mail to the address you provide. For sure, the recipient will be more than pleased to receive this thoughtful gift. They will be assured of a high quality cleaning service from a family owned company such as Cassie’s. A proud member of the Chamber of Commerce, Cassie’s has been servicing the public for over a decade and has long established its good reputation, resulting in a stable clientele. Known as Florida’s “Gold Star” Cleaning Service, Cassie’s Meticulous Touch is licensed, fully bonded, and insured, so no need to worry about their legality in the cleaning industry.

The cleaning schedule is done on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Cleaners use modern, yet environmentally friendly cleaning equipment and solutions specifically designed to protect the health and safety of the clients.

Cleaning an office can be quite tedious and burdensome. It will take a lot of time for ordinary janitors to clean the entire building. However, if it is done by professionals, the cleaning process will be quicker and more thorough. Whatever the industry, size, or area of the building may be, Cassie’s office cleaning team can competently and meticulously clean it without difficulty.

Likewise, a tidy and clean house creates a healthy and serene environment to the people living there and can surely leave a lasting and favorable impression on visitors. Cassie’s house cleaning is superior to competitors as they give careful attention to every detail requested by the customer.

Your loved one or loved ones would surely be more than satisfied with Cassie’s cleaning service. This Valentine’s Day would definitely be a memorable one if they receive not just an ordinary gift but a gift card that is given out of careful consideration for what is truly beneficial to them.