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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home – Part five the bathroom

Probably the least desirable cleaning job in the home, the bathroom is, next to the kitchen, the most important room to keep clean. As water is a big part of bathroom use, there is the ongoing threat of mold and mildew and when not properly ventilated moisture escaping to adjoining areas. Dirt and other germ ridden residues can collect if bathrooms and their fixtures are left unattended for more than a few days. Odor is also a problem in unclean bathrooms. So, it is vitally important a bathroom is kept clean on a regular, usually daily, basis. Here are some tips to help with that task:

Fixtures include tubs, sinks, toilets, and shower stalls. All of these need to be cleaned often, sometimes daily. For example, if children take a bath, the tub will need to be wiped down, especially removing any dirty ring left behind. Sinks, shower stalls, and shower stall doors should be wiped dry after use and a good cleaning once a week. Toilets need a thorough cleaning at least once a week, sometimes oftener depending on use, especially is there are several young children in the home. Toilets should be cleaned with a disinfecting solution. (you can go online and find recipes for making your own to avoid using harsh chemicals) Be sure to wipe the outside, seat, and lid as well as the inside. Drying surfaces with a soft towel will keep dampness from collecting and give a nice shine to porcelain surfaces. It is wise to keep bathroom cleaning supplies handy and ready for use. Often there are cabinets under the sink for keeping cleaning supplies.

Bathroom floors need weekly cleaning with drying moisture regularly after each use. Keep an old beach towel handy for quick floor wipes. Depending on the type of floor will dictate the best way to keep it clean. Germs and bacteria often hide in grout, corners, and spaces around baseboards, so be sure to get these areas clean. Shower curtains and scatter rugs can be washed in the washing machine. Each household member should be responsible for cleaning up after themselves on a regular basis. Be sure to be extra vigilant when cleaning around the toilet floor area. Reach behind the back of the toilet as well and wipe clean any pipes or tubing.

Bathrooms are usually small in comparison to other rooms but can become cluttered if not provided with ways to easily pick up items such as dirty clothes and wet towels, and washcloths. Hopefully, there will be room for a hamper (covered looks more attractive) to put these items in. If towels and washcloths are very wet they should be placed in a separate hamper or taken to the laundry room. Even very young children can be shown how to use hampers and will usually learn to do so as a habit.

Walls and windows:
As there is so much moisture in a bathroom, it will be necessary to clean walls and windows, even the ceiling, at least once a month. Doing this will help prevent mold and mildew from developing, especially in corners and around window frames. Usually, a wipe down with disinfectant solution and then wiped dry is all that needs doing, especially if this job is done regularly.

Once family members are used to maintaining the bathroom’s cleanliness on a daily and weekly basis, the chore of deep cleaning the bathroom will lighten. And, to make the job seem even lighter, this duty can be rotated between adults and teenagers, making it a person’s responsibility only every few months.