Enjoy Your Summer

The Pool and Summer Time Fun

How to Keep the Sparkle in Your Pool and Enjoy Your Summer.

Summertime is here again! Spending time with family and friends and basking in the sun in your swimming pool in the backyard is a fun way to spend your summer leisure time. Keep your cool and relax in the pool. It seems a lot of fun, right? However, sustaining a pool and keeping the water sparkling from your pool requires hard work, but if done regularly, it will be easier to carry out. If you ignore taking care of your pool, the water can turn blurred, green and dull. So, here are some helpful suggestions that you can take into consideration in keeping your pool sparkling for your family and friends to enjoy.

Maintaining the Right pH and Chlorine

The most important factor in keeping the water in your pool crystal clear is by maintaining the right amount of chlorine and pH measurement. The pH standard measures the alkaline and acidity of the pool water while chlorine is placed to kill the bacteria and germs from your pool, thereby keeping the water clean. The pH level in your pool determines the effectiveness of the chlorine in keeping your pool water clean. With the use of a water testing kit, measure the pH levels and chlorine at least 2x a week. The pH level should measure within the range of 7.2 to 7.6, while the chlorine should amount from 1.0 to 3.0 parts for each million. If your chlorine amount is low, better refill your supply. Whereas, if the pH is way too high, make sure to add acid in your pool water so as to lower it. The second most common types of acid being used to lower the pool pH are sodium bisulfate and muriatic acid. However, if the pool pH is much too low, then you can add in sodium carbonate to lower its acidity.

Weekly Management of Shock and Algaecide

To further boost the clarity and sparkle of your pool water, you need at least once a week to administer shock or super chlorinate the water so as to destroy any remaining algae or bacteria that are growing. It’s not enough to just maintain the pH and chlorine levels. Shock treatments are readily available from a pool store supply, just make sure to carefully read the instructions, particularly on how much you need to administer the shock to the water, as it depends on the size of the pool. Likewise, if you see algae growing from the pool walls, better treat the water using the algaecide, which is designed exclusively to destroy algae. Prevent algae from growing as they can turn your swimming pool yellow, cloudy, or green.

Backwashing your pool

Backwashing is the process of cleaning the pool filter thoroughly, by reversing the water flow in order to wash out contaminants. This usually takes only a few minutes to accomplish. Keep in mind that a pool filter removes microscopic debris and dirt from the water to maintain its cleanliness.

Regular Skimming of your pool

Take out organic debris from your pool such as insects, leaves or any other materials because if you just leave them there, they can make your pool cloudy and dirty.

Doing all of these tips can definitely make your summer more enjoyable and fun. Now, if you can’t do all this by yourself, it’s better to hire professional cleaning services to do the job for you, since they are more knowledgeable and skilled with these kinds of tasks.