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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home Part Three, the living room, family room, and dining room

In days gone by, most families had dining rooms where, if not in the kitchen, eating was done. The living room (years ago called a parlor) was used exclusively for time with family and friends. Eating was never done in a living room. Family rooms were not in most homes as children played outside a… Read More

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home Part two, the kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the most used room. Here is where food is kept, prepared, and often eaten. In days gone by and still in some homes, the kitchen is the gathering place for family and friends. Folks gather around a table to eat, share conversation, do homework, and lay out plans for… Read More

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Tips for Maintaining a Clean Home Part one, an overview

Your Spring cleaning is done, and wouldn’t it be nice if your home stayed neat and clean like that until next Spring? Of course, you know it won’t, and in fact, it likely won’t stay spic and span for very many days. Some of the potential dust and disorganization is just part of normal living,… Read More

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Thinking About Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company for Your Home—Should I, or Shouldn’t I?

Hiring a professional cleaning company is a step many people are taking. For centuries people have been having others clean their home, often castle, but usually this privilege was for the well-to-do only. Today, however, with most adults working outside the home with little time for home cleaning, the use of professional cleaners has soared.… Read More

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Unexpected Company is Coming Tomorrow—Help

One of a homemaker’s most dreaded events is the news that unexpected company is coming tomorrow and the home is a mess as well as in need of some definite cleaning. What’s to be done? Here are some ideas of where to start and some tips to get the job done faster. Before tackling any… Read More