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Flooring Part 2, What Kinds of Flooring are There?

Once you have determined what you are looking for when it comes to choosing the floor for your home it is time to look at the floor styles available and the qualities of each. Here are some of the... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Choosing the Right Floors and Floor Covering for Your Home Part 1

For many years people simply used the ground under his, her, feet as their floor. The dirt was tramped down and occasionally swept clean with a broom made from a tree branch. However, as we well... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Let’s Talk More About Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

In the last blog, we took a quick overview of how an in-depth spring cleaning and decluttering works. It is interesting to note that in most homes the job of spring cleaning gets done, but the job of... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Spring Into Spring Cleaning And Decluttering Your Home

For probably as long as there have been homes, maybe even caves, when the gray days of winter are over, and folks can once again enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, homemakers have taken to what we now... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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An Awesome Everyday Cleaning Machine

For a lot of people, there are times when cleaning your house can feel relaxing and calming. Sure, sometimes cleaning is associated with stress and inconvenience but sometimes that isn’t the case... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Mistakes to Avoid While Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning time is coming up. With the seasonal change, many people want their homes looking and feeling fresh for the spring and summer months as these are months usually filled with parties,... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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More Alternate Uses of Everyday Items For Cleaning

In our previous article on cleaning hacks, we covered three different ways to use everyday items for quicker and easier cleaning. Tricks like these are great for tackling cleaning problems that have... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Alternate uses of everyday items for cleaning

The modern age of information and the internet has made a huge impact on the variation and availability of different cleaning tools. There are all sorts of new gadgets, innovations, and inventions... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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Common Etiquette For Dealing With Your Housekeeper

It can be a nerve-wracking experience when new people enter your home. This is especially true in professional situations as well. When it comes to hiring services and professionals to handle tasks... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago
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The Wonder of Vinegar

Ever wonder what in the world they are putting into your common household cleaning products? No problem the most popular ones from our research tell us that it is simply, Phthalates,... Read More
Posted: 3 years ago


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