Cleaning a Barbeque Grill

Spring is Coming and It’s Time to Grill! Oops, it Needs Cleaning!

At last, spring is coming! Time to bring out your grill and head outside to do some cooking and bond with the family. But what if your grill hasn’t been cleaned for a while looks yucky, and grease seems to hang on forever? You may ask, how can I clean it and make my grill useful again? Well, here are easy steps that you can follow in cleaning your grill effectively.

Prepare your tools for cleaning

First things first, you have to prepare all the tools you need in cleaning such as warm water, sponge, soap, paper towels, stainless steel cleaner (if your grill is made of stainless steel), and a reliable grill scrub.

Next step is to wipe the outer part of the grill, then the interior part, to remove the stuck grease splatters in and around the edges. After removing the grease, use a stainless steel cleaner to put some shine on your grill.

Use a wire bristle grill brush to get rid of rust or any stuck on food from your grill, then wipe out other fragments using a sponge. After cleaning, throw away your used grill brush. As much as possible, it is best to use a new and clean brush every season.

Scrub them off

Take the grates off the grill as you clean them with soap and water. Since spring is not far off, cleaning your grill is a good way to start the season. You don’t have to clean grates every time you use your grill, but if it has been a while since you have cleaned them, then you really need to soak them. Starting your grill clean will keep food residues from sticking when you light the grill. If you choose to do the cleaning in a short time with less work, you can do that by spraying the grill grates with equal portions of water and vinegar. Let the solution stay for an hour, then scrub away the loosened grease and wash the grates well with liquid detergent and water.

After cleaning the grates, coat them with vegetable oil. Place them in a 450 degrees oven for approximately 2 hours, to restore their coating. Also, examine around air vents in the grill and get rid of any debris to make sure there is free air flow and to prevent fire hazards.

Maintenance of your grill

Make it a point to clean your grill after every use, so that any stuck food from your grilling will be eliminated and the grease won’t stay for long and cause it to be hard to clean. If possible, use a citrus degreaser for tough grease stains. Clean both the interior and exterior and don’t forget the grease tray.check if there are holes in your burners. If so, replace them for safety purposes.

Don’t let your grill look and smell bad! Besides, keep in mind that if you don’t clean it each time, you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk of getting sick from accumulated germs in the burned on residue.