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Small Tasks Everyday Will Make a Big Difference – Part 3 the Bedrooms

In this part of our series, we take a close look at the bedroom and explore some daily tasks that will keep it inviting, comforting, and clean. It is not uncommon for a bedroom to build up a mess. As far back as anyone can remember, It’s been a time-honored struggle for parents to have their children keep bedrooms clean. Even as adults, the bedroom can be put on the back burner in the face of work, food, kids, pets, and the list goes on. Fortunately, there are some simple and rewarding tasks that can make a huge impact on the daily state of your bedrooms.

Start with the big stuff first. Usually, that is the bed in the bedroom, as it is the centerpiece and the main focus of attention. Keeping the bed made in all the bedrooms makes such a difference in life. How you keep your bed can set the tone for the day and for how you sleep at night. Get into the habit of immediately making your bed in the morning. Another trick to keeping it clean in the bedroom is to cut the storage and clutter completely out. No storage under the bed or in the corners of the room or closets or even on top of dressers or armoires. This opens up the room psychologically while freeing up space.

Clothing, shoes, and accessories are the other big culprits of a mess inside a bedroom. Make sure to always have a laundry basket that is slim, small, and blends well with your other furniture. Keeping a small laundry bin in each room in the closet and partially concealed is a great way to keep a major problem area contained. For the kids, storage containers can be important since children tend to get daily use out of all the fun stuff the world has to offer them. Toy chests and closet door hang organizers are a must. Those same organizers can be used for anyone and are particularly helpful for collections of shoes since you get more area out of a door panel than in the bottom of a closet.

Ultimately, routine is everything when it comes to keeping a clean bedroom. Teaching the kids through constant reputation and show of reputation in your own cleaning should eventually sink in. this is a positive way to enforce meaningful habits. The goal is to make things like tidying up the bed in the morning second nature as at that point, it does not become a chore just something that’s done in an effort to respect and take care of the things we own and use. Little tasks, like Incorporating everyday bed making, decluttering, and laundry and shoe control, will make a big overall difference in the daily cleanliness of your bedrooms.

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